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  1. Dj Skillz - Old Skool Garage Mix (Part 1).mp3 http://db.tt/12AH4Vch Dj Skillz - Old Skool Garage Mix (Part 2).mp3 http://db.tt/IIkipwFf Dj Skillz - Old Skool Garage Mix (Part 3).mp3 http://db.tt/wnSQN1Ws
  2. emeks

    psn down?

    lol @ eric being sick on fifa.
  3. Yeah it was me and Emeks. He had the cracked copy so we had to play on shitty servers for him smh I miss PC cod4, it was actually fun With XFire and them clans we used to play with all the time Oi emeks what happened to those people loool. i got legit copy now if u fancy couple games and all those guys are ghost
  4. emeks

    John Wayne

    there's 2 floating around still Links? http://hoodtapes.co.uk/johny-gunz-crud-music/ http://hoodtapes.co.uk/johnny-gunz-murder-rizz-crud-mode-2-gas-mode/
  5. u got a track list for both mixes by any chance?
  6. they will see your number if you're not in their phone contacts
  7. how lol? the lambo handles like sh*t. might try it with my 800bhp nissan gt-r later
  8. the special event rally on beginner & intermediate is easyyyyy money / xp
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