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  1. zak


    Has anyone been Stockholm? Where would you want to stay close to, in terms of sights and nightlife... Is there a simple, yet cheap way for one or two people to get from airport to city centre..?
  2. ordered via eventim, yet to arrive though...
  3. zak


    got the 9360, would highly recommend. if you're a virgin media customer, you can get it for £13 a month, but you can get it down to 9.99 per month witha bit of haggling
  4. zak

    Jersey Shore

  5. zak

    Excuses . . .

    one of my cousins works in a day care, if she says she has a stomach bug she cant come to work for 3 days
  6. just got an email from songkick saying jay-z and kanye gonna be in paris in june, anyone know if they coming to london?
  7. zak

    Good Music

    shenmue ost
  8. zak


    whats the likelihood that he'll bring the weeknd to support? or will it be A$AP and kendrick lamar
  9. zak

    Jersey Shore

    pissed that vinny leaves, him and pauly d were the only fun part of the show. finally mike gets battered!
  10. zak

    Jersey Shore

    Try youtube Think it starts 5/6 jan
  11. my mate uses GreenGro, works well
  12. tesco staff get 10% discount. even mobiles, electronics everything. flatmate worked at tesco bought a laptop with 10% off, happy days for 0 effort
  13. pretty sure the bottom-less picture is fake, i've seen the same one with bottoms on
  14. zak


    Are you using official apple cable? cheap chinese aftermarkets dont work so good. and it may be that your windows has detected the iphone as a digital camera and not an iphone. Google into that
  15. that rossi v lorenzo clip is immense
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