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  1. ...*Nisha*...

    James Bulger Killers - Should They Be Baited?

    Having studied the whole interests of justice thing, it makes sense not to disclose any info, especially at this stage. However, my class was discussing this with our tutor today, and felt that at 27 he is fully responsible for his actions, and if past breaches are anything to go by, his right to anonymity should be waived as he abused an unprecedented priviledge he should never have been awarded with in the first place.
  2. ...*Nisha*...

    was you sporty at school?

    Yeah, was good at 100m, was on the netball team and captain of rounders. I seriously miss those days.
  3. ...*Nisha*...

    Your 18th

    Had a houseparty, mate was a DJ so him and his mate sorted music out...had a really good time but a houseparty isnt everyone's thing.
  4. ...*Nisha*...

    Official Job Vacancies Thread

    yeah its 190 vacancies for this campaign at richmond, it looks like a good piece of commission can be made and its decent basic aswell, i just need something for the next few weeks tbhthe espn campaign is dealing with people who had setanta and now coz it went bust they can't watch some football premiership so they need a channel/package upgrade, but there's no cold calling thank god!
  5. ...*Nisha*...

    Official Job Vacancies Thread

    why, whats wrong with them?yeah there were a couple of people from that agency there today, tbh i'm in it for the money and sittin at home is doing my nut in.They are a complete joke in terms of sorting out ur pay, time off etc......I knew 6 peeps who didn't get paid for the first 3 weeks (theyre supposed to pay weekly) Management are clueless....like headless chickens. Half the time they don't know what they're doing. There are some campaigns that are alright......Which campaign u going for?did they apply direct? I went through the reed agency so hopefully it's a bit more organised! im doing the sky/espn campaign.
  6. ...*Nisha*...

    Official Job Vacancies Thread

    why, whats wrong with them?yeah there were a couple of people from that agency there today, tbh i'm in it for the money and sittin at home is doing my nut in.
  7. ...*Nisha*...

    Official Job Vacancies Thread

    if anyone is interested, there is a company in richmond call the listening company who work on behalf of loads of major brands like o2, toyota, orange and loads of other things and they're taking on ALOT of people at the moment...google the company and apply direct or go through the reed website which is how i got the job.
  8. ...*Nisha*...

    Eyebrow piercing

    I used to have mine done...alot of people, randoms n friends, said it looked good, then it came out so I got my tragus done. It was a crazy pain having my eyebrows threaded when I had it, and now career wise it wouldn't be the best thing to do to get it done again.
  9. ...*Nisha*...

    Official Big Brother 10 Topic

    when is the fruityness between cairon n siavash gonna end...its getting beyond ridiculous now! that was just plain nasty
  10. ...*Nisha*...

    The Official Weekend Plans Thread

    saturday night will be goin to a club for my best mates 21st so sunday will be spent in a dark room preferably with no noise
  11. ...*Nisha*...

    Official Big Brother 10 Topic

    boththat video of sree that was out last week was at oceana and i was there...the sh*t he was doing was beyond perverted but i think that halfwit twat could be a sex pest in any given situation, there's something about him, he ain't the type of person you'd wanna be stuck in a lift with
  12. ...*Nisha*...

    Official Big Brother 10 Topic

    i was there at oceana when he was on stage that night...it was mega disturbing to say the least!!
  13. ...*Nisha*...

    Step family dysfunctinal family gang quick question?

    i don't carry any feelings though...i'm just indifferenti know in cases like a funeral if my dad was to pass away or his mum coz she's quite ill, i might not talk to everyone but i'll let it be known who i am and offer my sympathies to his other kids and close relatives but its not even about punishing them...i just don't know them and as unfortunate as it sounds i don't see why i need to, i know they exist but in terms of names and stuff my dad has never told me and i've never really been bothered enough to ask...as far as i know he's told them what he knows about me so that's thatif i'm ever thrown into a situation where i meet them then who knows whats gonna happen, im not tuling anything out, i just cant be bothered to make contact just because they're there
  14. ...*Nisha*...

    Step family dysfunctinal family gang quick question?

    my dad has a few kids but i don't have the time of day for him so unfortunately the same goes for his kids and in all honesty if I walked down the street i'd have no idea if they walked past, and since they live local this has probably happened so in answer to your Q, no i don't regard them as my brothers and sisters, regardless of the fact that they know about me as well and see me as their sister...may be harsh but that's life and I have my reasons
  15. ...*Nisha*...

    come dine with me

    i love this programme...the narrator is too funny, when he was in goodness gracious me he had a few good moments in there as well