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  1. Need to never show the #pogba emoji adverts again, whole thing is embarrassing.
  2. No Matip and Clyne Coutinho benched. This game will be huge.
  3. 'Bravo has conceded 13 from his last 21 shots on target' mad mad mad
  4. Yoshie

    Work & Life

    Lol what I'm thinking. Thas a poster not a letter.
  5. https://streamable.com/ku4nm
  6. Yoshie

    Work & Life

    Nice one. Weird they put it in an A3 envelope though.
  7. Seeing 'loool' written was so weird too.
  8. The vid of him practicing the free kick he scored last game.. literally the exact free kick practiced to the one he scored. on mobile so can't post
  9. I don't know... It's tough disagreeing with the death penalty when you believe this person truly deserves to die.
  10. @Supermalt Caping? That's rubbish, said the same many times on here before. Don't get it confused, I don't care for this c*nt and the fact he's put to death.
  11. Same. I get the initial thought that someone like this deserves death. But the potential innocent on death row doesn't make it worth it imo. Plus the idea that the state can decide if someone lives or dies doesn't sit right with me.
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