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  1. Check out Pure @ Cesars Palace. We had a DIZZY night in there. Also go to the Wet Republic Elite Pool @ MGM Grand during the day, it's basically a rave round the pool during the daytime. No seriously... You prob won't remember much of the whole trip so take pics. The whole thing is a blur for me after I had my first drink when we hit the hotel.
  2. ShowermanSamuel


    THIS. Quick two days no hotel ting. LOL sleep on the beach NEVER THIS! Bare people already booked in playa den bossa so I'm just gonna crash there if and when I need sleep. Es Vive is THE hotel if you want a good spot to stay over there.
  3. ShowermanSamuel


    THIS. Quick two days no hotel ting.
  4. U can't read cuzzy.It was one of my good friends. Search for the thread from like two years ago.
  5. LOL This guy....im sure someone on here knows him?! Dan Early init. He's a prick.lol apparently he's a massive prankster and does things like that for laughsI can't excuse his behaviour, but he is purposefully antagonistic.Suffice to say I think he regrets it now.
  6. Why are man typing about 'faggits' and canal street in here. Dun know the apartment is already booked so it's Manchester or Manchester and on a strict no homo tip, obviously. Just looked at that Parklife thing, looks decent but I know most the mandem won't be on it unfortunately. I got a table booked at Entourage, and might book one at Boutique too incase that's sh*t but someone told me Boutique is full of youngsters? AhBigManTingDis. Also where's the spot to yam some decent food and watch the England game locally?
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    Old PM's

    Owwww. *Deletes all PM's*
  8. It's been a minute stillllll... Hope everyone is cool? Hittin Manny this Sat for my birthday. So far have options of Circle Club, Entourage or Boutique as spots to hit. I want a table, I want an urbane music policy and I don't want Coronation Street celebrities or hoodrats. Thus forth where should me and the mandem be goin please? Many thanks in advance Daniel Early
  9. Kidnap + floetry for the entire weekend is me.
  10. Get back to earnin that 2008 Dan Early money tbh.
  11. You do understand that that rave deh is going to be overly sooooooooo hype dont you.every dog cat and crack head are talking about it and dont even no or understand the line up.im thinking it might even get locked.f*ck it, ima gonna throw on a yellow the same night, and raveDennis FerrerMartinez BrosGavin PetersOsunladeBugz in the AtticDeep TeknologiYES PLEASE!Man dem in full effect wetting the baby's head (fingers crossed). Nola holla!Haven't touched this thread in a hot minute.100% at this, don't care who else is there I'm findin a corner and goin missing to the music.Nola, next Superfreq @ Paramount (top floor of Centrepoint) on the 12th December. Be there or be square.
  12. Ur pissed. I was subjected to this waste of 2 hours on Sunday.PS I think you were unreasonable to dun her dance, scuse the pun.
  13. CD is massive. Tips you give me joke with the intro.
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