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    west all day bang bang

    not even an ashman tingjust whats so special about sunday mournings?

    why is there so many polish people on road on a sunday mournings?everytime i go to work on a sunday mourning they seem to be popping out from everywhere
  3. tattoos

    so what prices were you man/gash paying then
  4. tattoos

    im looking to get one on my right forearm and right shoulder in the traditional gren inkor maybe black. i'll have to seeanyone know any other places apart from the ones in camden
  5. Was she referring to sex? (If so, I refuse to believe she even said it)

    lol quote of the week
  6. tattoos

    on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the pain1 being the least 10 being the most
  7. tattoos

    LOL @ ur sig! All what i herd.Um, i aint got one...im scared to get one tho.Even tho i got a lot of piercings, tattoos just look painful to me. after seeing what Jamal went thru, no way.where abouts did he get it done?
  8. tattoos

    so who on here has one?where abouts do you have it and what did you get done?also how much did it hurt?im looking to get one soonish, does anyone know any good tattoo parlours in london?
  9. anybody hyping bout mafia 2?

    GTA?all the sh*t you see in the 2 gta 4 trailers is actual in game footagethe whole gta series >>>>>>>>>>>> life
  10. RIP

    lol@going on like you knew who he was
  11. anybody hyping bout mafia 2?

    looks greazybut stillgta4 >>>>> mafia 2
  12. Skream - Irie

    send man
  13. Revs, Supreme, Carlos, Young Money etc...

  14. FINALLY, Nas, Game - Hustlers Video

    Aint u heard his verse b4nah, dont really check for hip hop as much as you man so its new to me