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  1. Thought this deserved a thread of his own. Mourning a big loss of my childhood tonight, as I grew up listening to this man's music and immitating his dance moves, wishing I could be like him. This isn't to post condolences, only to appreciate the talent that Michael Jackson was.I know I've already posted it in the other MJ thread, I just thought people might use the links more if it was seperate.Music VideosOff The WallDon't Stop Til You Get Enough Rock With You She's Out Of My Lifehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF0o-W5uu8oThrillerBeat Ithttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkGOiS75LwkThriller (Fu
  2. Such a shame had a good season at City remember being 13 seeing this unfold on Channel 5's coverage of the confederations cup was a shock. People shouldn't be dying playing football thats when it hit home, the line between life and death is much thinner than my young mind thought.RIP Marc
  3. Remember this in 96 it was I think being unveiled on TOP of the Popssome riot music
  4. my uncle said this to me earlier on the fonetold him rudeboy laterabout a million a weekHe was correct just checked Wikijeeze
  5. i swear chris tucker werent meant to come out? loland the way mike jus werent having it from usherTHIS WAS A TUUUUUNEThe sample is mad
  6. jus about to come and post this.theres more aswellif this is true then most great ppl pass on this day.dont mean to be disrespectful but left eye and aaliyah aren't even close to greatsthey are just talented girlsDont even rate either that highly tbhBrown and Jackson had a impact on music
  7. Stpid bitch in BBC using the name Gary Glitter in relation to Michael
  8. Wtf is Neyo talking forhate these modern artistsshouldnt have a voice to talk
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