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  1. ‘Big Brother’ Database For Phones & E-Mails

    Thun, it is f*cked!!!PS, if I was part of the freemason/illluminati, I would try and destroy it from the inside, how do I join???
  2. Birthday Shouts out to FAZE...

    Faze Uno.He a original like me.
  3. Brazlian Chick with FFF boobs!!!

    All squashed and ting.Its vial!!!
  4. Brazlian Chick with FFF boobs!!!

    That is nasty!!!She should get them reduced.She has lost in life.
  5. Funky house that mans like marcus nasty etc etc play is swag.I remember when tunes like detroit and yeah yeah were considered funky house, then these people got over excited about cure and the cause and claimed that is funky house, which spawned this afro beat rubbish.Oi tipper, when my colection of electro becomes greater, holla at me, I'll dj at your electro raves for £10 petrol money
  6. what u think

    Whats it about???
  7. Alrighty then

  8. Alrighty then

    Yeah only one talked sense.
  9. Alrighty then

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ the last white woman chatting rubbish about different religion and what about the children.LOL AT HER SAYING COLOUREDLOL LMAO ROFL at the white women that were attracted to black men for stupid reasons and bait lies.
  10. Does It Offend You, Yeah?

    Jubez the song in your sig is ultra sh*t but the video is too much for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Lost

  12. Vip2 Rave Tomorrow Night...

    THATS WHAT IM THINKING 25,000 VIEWS ABOUT A SHOOBZ THAT FLOPPED. MAD UNECESSARY.the kurious argument gimme joke. someone up a pic of her n letme be the judge.
  13. Ceazy best friend Lady D

    Marcus what djs did you pay at your rave???Did you tell Logan that you'll pay him then ran off before the end of his set???
  14. Ceazy best friend Lady D

  15. Ceazy best friend Lady D

    I swear I always see her bait face at uni.I tried to talk to her once and I got the dirtiest air