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  1. Have they brought back international call ups on be a pro ?
  2. Lol bitch looks like a female peter griffin
  3. Actually crying with laughter after reading some of that
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsJrgaAle0U the ross kemp impersanation
  5. Anyone else watched liquid bomb plot?
  6. Was just reading on bbc sport website sergio ramos dropped the cup of the bus and it got run over lmao
  7. I watched law abiding citizen for the first time the other day, very good film
  8. I lost this cd time ago, anyone got a download link ?
  9. We really should be winning this, penalty changed the game
  10. I know and people go on like are fans are scum. Good football so far. Never a red card tho
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