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  1. i drove over last week and the police were on the southbound side stopping cars etc. When i eventually drove back south hours later they weren't there but as i got to the lights i noticed a blue van mounted the curb right under the bridge which didnt seem right to me but I'm sure the CCTV mustve picked that up?
  2. https://youtu.be/wRkUG7nwJ1w This was tune. Good for him
  3. I have a physical diary...like Wavant im not into digital things. Need to get my 2017 diary as it goes.
  4. So that being said do you think theres a chance of rekindling or no?
  5. JLovely

    Work & Life

    LOL I have no clue who this is but i have not worked on the 9th floor since 2012
  6. JLovely

    Work & Life

    No better feeling than being pulled up about something soooo petty on thursday and the friday being offered a new job elsewhere for more money and more freedom. They never saw it coming. #winning
  7. JLovely


    Album is so good! Great subject matters
  8. In this particular situation they definitely knew his lifestyle...this is a fact. But I completely hear what you're saying - parents need to wake up a bit and stop playing blind but guess at the ages of 22 etc they're too far gone and a parents input will make little difference.
  9. Blue elephant. they've moved to imperial wharf now
  10. He is / Him being schizophrenic explains it all...wow
  11. Nah I'm back. Ended up in jamboree
  12. Any recommendations for clubs in Barcelona?
  13. Just had this same convo with my cousin who's 22. Told him if you're not looking to make them permanent let them know...more time than not they'll stick around if they like you.
  14. I'm not shocked. Bit disgusted with whoever said he should cry and express having a hatred towards the child though. Very foul
  15. JLovely


    My dad has a friend who's almost 60 and she still seeing the father of her daughter. Sometimes he tells her he's working away but he's about 15mins away with his polish ting lol. It's really sad and it's not loyal it's desperation.
  16. I shouldnt laugh! Ive got a male - friend whos never had sex without a condom...ever! These type of situations is why
  17. Reading this whilst wearing my "versace inspired" scarf on
  18. Go to melkweg tonight.
  19. JLovely


    My friend suffers from them and since cutting out dairy she's seen an improvement. Don't know if there's an actual link but it's worked for her.
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