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  1. plus im still in my work clothes and i got in at 9.45
  2. lmao i aint going sleep but sometimes i say that and go sleep cos i cant be asked to wait for other people in my household to wake up
  3. do you look like the black guile
  4. for some reason i like the new craig david tune 6 of 1 thing the beat and the break down part im feeling it
  5. bang bang watching old tunes on youtube gang
  6. dipset what new edition track is that??
  7. aint cried in a longgggggggg time apart from when a tear come from my eye one time my girl gave me one hug and burried her head in my chest i swear i felt like superman that day
  8. ar sorry fam i thought they were same people
  9. thas what the BATTY was shape like smallish waist serious hips and BATTY!!OOOOOOO GOOOOOSHHHHHHH
  10. Bruv it was one of them i bang you right there then moments i swear
  11. bruv she looked like the girl in your sig but a bit darker and the BATTY was near perfect
  12. i swear i was outside the by the cash point staring when she pulled up you know them ones where you think rarse i know someones hitting that
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