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  1. need 2/3 recommendations want suttin different; nice and distinctive ftw
  2. Giggs in Oceana Brighton 17th Feburary GET IT UP f*ckBWAIS
  3. pissedwent on some Messi ting and his bredrin is coming like Francis Jeffers
  4. this diesel is nice getting me on that cloudy wave
  5. anyway i can watch tonights MOTD?
  6. Once i improve my attendance to lectures, etc. my life will be f*ck*ng great
  7. already read Claymore, it's aite but never on Berserk levels wanted suttin with abit of fantasy tbh but i'm gonna start on Eden though safe!
  8. okay guys i need your help im finally up to date with Berserk and there feels like theres a void in my life is there anything as epic that i can sink my teeth into to? how can Berserk be released biannually subatomic PARticles
  9. how can i tr0ll my housemate into thinking his hallucinating i swear, sometimes i love this place
  10. JET hope he does well still remember dons saying he was as good as wilshere for reserves, etc.
  11. Bardissimo

    POPPYHEAD Clothes

    That is all. Regards
  12. you Unbased c*nt(did i do it right guys?)
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