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  1. VENOM

    European Spring

    france just make UK look so soft, so stiff upper lipped.. them man will strike for anything. the only group with balls in the UK are the RMT who would strike and youd have everyone else jealous as they are cussing them. cant remember why france was ever made fun of as pussies.
  2. its not conclusive if they havent pressed charges. how many women have pressed charges against the man? why should we be judging him in the courts of Vimeo and youtube or social media?? he has spent too long in the court of public opinion and this again shows how some sections of black people like to keep their dirty laundry hush. Go and press charges if your daughter was abused or stfu tbh
  3. VENOM

    Vegan Gang

    the fact is that there is conflicting evidence...where the evidence is conflicting it is best to abstain imo. The studies you see that support soya were likely sponsored by soya biased lobbys, i go by independent information, and my sources state that most of the soy consumed in the west is GM from brazil and the US, not the soybean grown in asia and the damage caused on reliance outweighs the good such as reducing cholesterol. therefore i abstain.
  4. VENOM

    Vegan Gang

    vegan deli meats, vegan frozen meats , way more sodium and starches, same for desserts, they take out butter and eggs and fill it with preservatives and starches. soy proteins are not good for people, soy is a hybrid unnatural and not even that great for the environment. .......for example!
  5. yeah, and? im just saying how it could have been someone i know. afterall hes jumped into issues while off duty too. Youre never off duty apparently.
  6. such important problems
  7. i confused with the post. you mentioned the "benefits" of an instagram/forum combination but those are complete opposites for the most part. i understand the lost concept opportunity though. BKchat and all that
  8. sad to hear about that.. my friend works for BTP, it could have been him. /although spending your birthday and christmas alone for the first time could come as a shock, dont see it as a bad thing. unless there are other issues prior to that and culminating with being alone is depressing, we need to learn to cherish spending time alone sometimes. however, being alone is different to being lonely.
  9. VENOM

    Apple >>>>>>>>>>>>

    go and buy the Honor 8x
  10. thx will get my nephews on this
  11. see progressive ideas for learning, i wonder if such a school exists in the uk?
  12. how old are you lot, its now about buying gifts not receiving...
  13. yeah i did actually., at a new school. we became good mates after that. i plan to retire before that
  14. they shouldve just smashed the windscreen though
  15. theyll always put whitey boy or girl on for being bullied, whilst asian, black and other immigrant kids are getting bullied daily for their accent or some other dumb shit. but good on the boy still.. bullying is bad whoever receives it. smack a chair on their face and that solves bullying is my mantra.
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