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  1. there's nothing wrong with representing the community, but there's far more black men married to, or dating black women. let them represent this area first, then they can push whatever else.
  2. top british military brass said russia could overrun western europe in two weeks without US support
  3. the comments section is not what they are set up for though. they are good for balance, and asking other questions kept out of the public domain. for example: this a former Mi5 agent.
  4. RT is no different to our own media.. its only idiots that sit on the left or right throwing accusations at each other, believing that they are 100% right, and oblivious about all other opinions id rather listen to all sides. the comment section on RT is no different to the comment sections of the DM,, if you're banning one ban them all. besides, i watch RT not to hear some Russian talk about the UK affairs but to watch the ex British govt policy makers who expose alot of shit the govt does but would never get any airtime on BBC or sky. banning it will be solved in 1 minute. : RT online > chrome settings> cast> TV. sorted.
  5. now they wanna ban RT, any excuse to get rid of alternative media. did the same with press TV
  6. the time now is 12:35. 11:35 mins left Mr Putin or feel our wrath
  7. Culture Vultures

    social media allows a lot of fools to go viral talking shit. shes chatting absolute shit, blaming the artist for a racist industry? artists just wanna sing or dance and don't really give a fuck about music politics, at least at the beginning. if prince didn't get a grammy and Bruno did how can she attack Bruno for that? unless the artist has shown to misappropriate a culture whats the big deal.
  8. Domestic Violence

    having an argument is not abuse if you are exchanging words. proving emotional abuse on its own will be a test case, so you cant say you are likely to be accused of abuse if your partner calls you a fool and you call her a fool back, but in any case a man can never win a verbal tussle with a woman which is why they always turn to violence.
  9. So wobble and weak May has given russia a 24 hour "ultimatum" to come clean about the spy poisoning. We have 12 hours until WW3 apparently.
  10. The Video Thread part 2

    yep, lack of appreciation of culture and what their grandparents went through. black american wotlesness is understandable as their original identity has been shattered over hundreds of years instead of young black brits leading the way culturally on their own, they just want a copy and paste american wotless culture. also very true about the uk school system failing black boys. although, the wotless absent father failed them first
  11. Tommy Robinson Troll watch

    on the same twitter page I saw this. these daemons know how to put a message across
  12. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    another 'aspiring rapper' called Dipdat, another one whos 'mother is shocked at her tragic loss' ,
  13. Domestic Violence

    no justification for shoving or pushing regardless of whats being SAID... KEYWORD BEING "SAID". which means those are words, so why not respond to the words with words if you must be a bitch and go toe to toe with the woman who is wired to talk. if you cant respond without physical violence then the problem is with you.