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  1. VENOM

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    dont generalise on your high horse. i call out all artists like giggs and chicken shop click bait girl whos trash and no she isnt emptying the pockets of the black community but is just another culture vulture. but culture whores are the giggs and most of your best rappers.
  2. VENOM


    isnt it like 4 for you lot
  3. VENOM

    Should it be banned

    oh shut up. why dont you fuck of to somalia
  4. VENOM

    The Video Thread part 2

    he should get a job in the mid east. Drs must have a conscience
  5. VENOM

    Best hotel in England

    surely a matter of opinion. any hotel charging over £500/ night should offer you the best your pocket can afford.
  6. VENOM

    Should it be banned

    awww pity you could only mention one offence. i can name 50 crimes committed by men looking like you wearing hoodies.
  7. VENOM

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    im sure there are posts of mine cussing all of them out including your messiah tupac. fuck em all
  8. VENOM

    Goin for dinner on ur ones

    i guess then your life will be a complete mess because strangers think something incorrect of you. police would be called perhaps? you might be kicked out of the pub. imagine the fallout. dont do it. just ensure you live everyday of your life with such thoughts about what others will think.
  9. VENOM

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    which is why Eric benet calls such people black faces of white supremacy, not artists
  10. VENOM

    #Heatwave 2018

    im sure this has been a bumber summer for retailers and the economy. complaining about heat yet they all travel out to hot countries many times in the year.. whats wrong with some people. next week is gonna be calm now.. stop complaining to Zeus and enjoy the heat
  11. VENOM

    Goin for dinner on ur ones

    no i dont take the book to front, i take it so i can actually read it. i only take it some times most times im just eating. im suggesting a book incase the person trying it for the first time feels like some freak. it may add some comfort having a book
  12. VENOM

    Goin for dinner on ur ones

    it is topic worthy because one of the problems with young people especially Londoners is enjoying your own space and company. its a sign of maturity to engage in activities on your own, it doesn't mean you're lonely, or sad. going for dinner solo is wonderful, my dad does it, and I've learnt from it as well. I also make effort not to act like I'm busy or waiting for anyone. stop worrying about what people think and just do you. I also make sure i keep my phone away, and may only have a book so anyone looking at me would know i planned to be there alone but in reality most of the time youre the only one who knows or gives a fuck that you are eating out alone. not everyone cares as deep as you think. thats why mental health problems in this country are such on the rise, false fronting that you got your people when you cry yourself to sleep at night and none of your 'bredrins' knows about your problems. not when you travel, not when you got stood up but a planned dinner by yourself. obviously, you have to be at a certain level of maturity to appreciate it.
  13. VENOM

    Alex Jones vs The Internet

    he is part of the system he rails against. Hes been exposed as a stooge time ago. Allow thun to keep worshipping this fake god made of wood and piss
  14. VENOM

    United States of Brutality

    no but the man lives in a state that has stand your ground laws... trayvon was a youngen so can understand his ignorance. a grown ass man with a kid should have known better. didnt deserve to die, but the man didnt deserve to be shoved to the ground, looked like an elderley man and he coudlve easily died himself in the push if he hit his head on the concrete or broken something that may never fully heal at his age. This is a case of dont go throwing your weight around in a stand your ground state. You dont just shove a man whos having a discussion with your wife... use your brains people. This time.. race card, and racism denied.
  15. VENOM

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    he wanted to be PC by claiming just the middle class, i dun told you that most of you who bun are also to blame. but in this day and age.. truth is called lies, lies is called truth.