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  1. VENOM

    spac nation

    we may laugh at their tactics but the same so called "real" church goers would be the same hypocrites to shun people like them. the same people who would have condemned Jesus for going to a 'tax collector's' house. etc.
  2. are you ok? is the business staying open more important than the health and safety of the public? most of whom will be carribean.
  3. VENOM

    Racial Ambiguity

    there are cultures in africa where the father bonds with the child strapped to his chest/ (at least traditionally) Allow these westernised youtube hoteps thinking they're exposing shit.
  4. VENOM

    Racial Ambiguity

    alot of words, ill give you the L but doesnt change what i said.
  5. VENOM

    Random News

    you mean cos its illegal, so theres high profit? so if its legalised, and the govt want to tax it and regulate it..so regular donny and strapman are gonna become registered selers yeah paying off taxes to HMRC? if shops are needed to be set up for the sale of it, a bit like in ams, you dont think the trade will just become gentrified?
  6. VENOM

    President Donald Trump Thread

    TI done and still does alot for his community,
  7. VENOM

    #MeToo Movement

    sick woman, these same people will say theyre not racist.
  8. Kelechi sounds Nigerian. When you say black, you should actually be specific to say what part of black culture influences what. secondly, once again you will bunch everything up and just randomly rant.. you are probably more concerned that people like kelechi get more airtime than you as thats your dream goal to have a platform such as hers on twitter and come it may, just make your right moves i guess. using curry influenced by india isn't appropriation, you should get to understand what the word means and why it is complained about.
  9. VENOM

    Random News

    how would legalising it prevent drug wars?
  10. VENOM

    The Video Thread part 2

    clever TLC editing. the mistake was from the bank
  11. VENOM

    Dodgy runnings at Speakers' Corner

    about malicious communications. never liked the guardian reading c*nt anyway.
  12. VENOM

    Racial Ambiguity

    what many people including the apologists for whitey have failed to at least understand is what racism even means, i.e. break down the word itself. anything with the suffix of ISM denotes a condition, an active state, doctrine or theory, or process..therefore the whole concept of RACEism is an active condition /theory based on race, and the classification of race by westerners was necessary to carry out their daemony over the last 500 years. agreed they are not the first people in history to have carried out such racial classifications that are only meant to justify their evil, but as they are the dominant influence in the world today this theory is how they got there and is still active. in Asian and African countries, the same classifications and subsequent acts that lead to persistent oppression of others exists as tribalism. we seem to use "institutionally" racist to subscribe to their own terms as if the racism experienced by minorities only comes from institutions, I guess these institutions were or are run by robots and not humans. anything to deflect 'the white person' as an individual who is inherently racist is what they will continue to do. but will be quick to describe others as a whole group in whatever demeaning manner they see fit when it suits them. a policeman is not racist because the met police as an institution is racist, the met police as an institution is racist because it is full of racist individuals. as is justice, legal, law and health etc.
  13. VENOM

    Racial Ambiguity

    again only from someone like you.
  14. VENOM

    Racial Ambiguity

    sounds like you're regurgitating like that LBC rent a Muslim Majeed. white people dont experience institutional racism in the UK. they experience some prejudice from different sections of society (mainly fellow white sections), and isolated incidences of hatred or crime for reasons similar to everyone else in the country. secondly, perhaps people like you need to make up your mind if you want Asians as you call them to be ever accepted in the UK as fully fledged bonafide citizens, or are just guests who should STFU and pay their taxes and not complain about any situation as they should just accept the norm and not push for anything to improve. and should rather go to live in countries of their parental heritage where most have never actually been to. d*ckhead
  15. so this thread is no longer about jerk rice?