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  1. VENOM

    Is this John Doe ?

    you fucking d*ckhead.. all these wannabee intellectuals that suddenly get "woke" always show themselves up eventually.. so what about the back of the lorry types? most of the scams against old age pensioners are carried out by brits..white British to whitey daem..no one gives a fuck of a difference between east or west or north african...but you keep pointing out your alleged differences. since east Africa is the dubai of africa. oh wait
  2. VENOM

    Are any of you not wearing a Poppy?

    yes, I know its to remember the war dead. However WAR is a major thing, you just cannot separate war from politics I'm afraid so those people saying that this is about the dead, not the politics are terribly naive. furthermore, the POppy is now used to remember ALL war dead. i would rather no member of the govt wore a Poppy then seeing the same Whitehall terrorists that fuel wars ( but never send their kids to fight) wear a poppy and I'm wearing one alongside them. the dead being remembered are dead because of the cunts in govt just like today. until then you cannot separate war from politics
  3. VENOM

    Are any of you not wearing a Poppy?

    WW1 was about royal cousins fighting...the fuck i care about it. what recognititon did they give the indians and africans they forced into serving and dying for them only to face repression in the country they fought and died for? until quite recently, but most were never paid once the war was done and i pity the young soldiers as young as 16 that were sent to their deaths by rich people...nothing has changed today, infact its even worse cos alot of nobility fought and served in WW1 you want to raise money for veterans..what about the govt who sent them?
  4. VENOM

    President Donald Trump Thread

    they should actually call him out as a group and all walk out. i would have told him such and dropped the mic and walked out...He is a public servant and the media are supposed to keep the people informed, if a president wants to get petty like a child then they should leave...
  5. VENOM

    Is this John Doe ?

    what about the many who arent and are still angry at him? stupid point but he wanted to get retweets and mmm mmm likes
  6. VENOM

    Is this chaps/yhfam ?

    A very american thing, but best she left if thats all she was going to do to moan.
  7. VENOM

    Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    the good thing is trump will cuss him out anyway..." i never liked the guy, hes a weak piece of shit"
  8. VENOM

    The Global Rise of Fascism...again

    in brasil you have to vote, its the law, so black people had no choice but to vote someone and i guess they might as well have tried to screw up the system by voting him. at the end of the day no one before has every given a toss about their plight. brasil is just another example of the daemons and their daemony
  9. VENOM

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    you will always marry the wrong person eventually
  10. VENOM

    The Global Rise of Fascism...again

    This is a tribal battle that has been around for 1000 years. T
  11. VENOM

    If you had another life...

    its a shit thread tbh. get off your arse and go live the life you wished you did... only the dead cannot do that, are you deaD?
  12. VENOM

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    wow theres alot to unpack here. he went in..
  13. VENOM

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    has anyone said they love trump yet?
  14. VENOM

    Are blacks less intelligent by default?

    you answered your own question. The End.