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  1. Listening to this is harrowing, knowing what he would do.
  2. Them 10% black, white girls but beg next Latina, Mediterranean, middle eastern, east Asian mix.
  3. james00


    What is it with you black Christians man SMH. A house full of mental health issues.
  4. james00

    Becky Adenuga

    Dude said i'm a multi millionaire not a civilian
  5. Rar, they're filming game of thrones in London now.
  6. That baby stfu real quick when shit got real.
  7. Tbh, I've seen better fakes than this but the message is still correct.
  8. Why do they all have European headgear?
  9. It's obvious maya and stormzy dont rate dark skin chicks.
  10. james00

    Becky Adenuga

    This. They are basically saying hes buff and he can do better. Stop watching people.
  11. no matter what she's said a group of men cant crowd round her and act hostile and intimidating like that. hopefully the Shia Sunni divide grows bigger so we can differentiate the tolerant from the intolerant. All that mosque and sitting down and these man still have anger issues.
  12. Sunday was a madness. Human beings can get really weird man.
  13. one of these days we're they're going to post a robot running through the woods like a savage and at that moment, we'll all know, we're fucked.
  14. if you can build a moat for 10 crocodiles around a man with gun then its a wrap
  15. would be sick if some one made a simulator of this How you gonna shoot 10,000 rats? But if you don't pick gun he can shoot everything else. May have to go with gun + 50 eagles or 15 wolves to try and kill all the rats.
  16. We should put the breaks on it but try telling that to russia and china. elon been warning us
  17. Embarrassing How does your life get to a point where you would rather scrap with olders in public than pay for a train ticket?
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