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  1. NBA 2012/2013

    Heat - Clippers final IMO, battering Knicks ATM (albeit no big guns for Knicks) CP3 > ________
  2. Sim City (About time)

    EA will sort that soon hopefully. Few tips I just clocked: Plant trees in industrial/sewage areas BEFORE you build them. Trees keeps the pollution low. No need for all schools, you only need elementary and Uni I was always viewing on here, only logged in to post those pictures.

  4. Sim City (About time)

    Behave, bout 5/10 Game is sick, so much to it. All about have special cities, I have one just for commercial and residents, the other city is power and technology.

    Def going back, was too much. View from room, stayed at Cosmopolitan, prob best hotel on the strip The Belagio Inside the Ventian On top of Stratosphere Brazil for WC next
  6. Two Shades of Gayle

    How can you be casually posting after being fired... You was there for 3 years I swear? What do you want me to say, type in caps, would that get my contract back - no
  7. Two Shades of Gayle

    u aint squirming ur way out of this 1 u burnt sea lion all tryna convince us you've been sacked, y would u bother Convincing ? Everyone knows im a contractor, nothing new, contracts come and go. u jus made the most replies in the last 5 minutes than u have in the whole thread ur desperately trying to convince us not appening, all ur female workmates will be informed Ive not been on since my last post in the morning, at most ive sent about 6 messages now. Do as you wish
  8. Two Shades of Gayle

    Lesson learned
  9. Two Shades of Gayle

    u aint squirming ur way out of this 1 u burnt sea lion all tryna convince us you've been sacked, y would u bother Convincing ? Everyone knows im a contractor, nothing new, contracts come and go.
  10. Two Shades of Gayle

    Exactly Like me ringing up your work place and saying oh Macz/real name is stealing money from the company They gonna sack you without looking into it cos a random person phoned up? NO Im a contractor not a full time employee, ask IT heads on here about contracting. Contracts come and go, its nothing new. Wasnt because of a phonecall.
  11. Two Shades of Gayle

    Im a contractor, dont need to do all HR stuff remember. Contract between company and themselves can be ended at anytime if they have reason too.
  12. Two Shades of Gayle

    Thats the receptionist
  13. Two Shades of Gayle

  14. Two Shades of Gayle

    Cheers got sacked, lucky I didnt get that new car
  15. Two Shades of Gayle

    Yes me and Goli have beat the same chick, dunno why you feel you need obtain his view/approval though. But up to you. I'm just stating facts and being direct, what would you otherwise think I should do then. Not answer, cry, lie etc. How else would I be or react ? Ive been exposed, im facing facts, Why am I gonna grovel or shirk or duck or hide ? Grovel to who ??? Random internet chicks me or you dont know ?? Why would I grovel when im standing up to what's been done ?? Regarding harm. Anyone lost their life, no Anyone lost their livilhood, no So yes I stand by what I stated no harm has been done, few pix and videos have been sent. Thats it. Look at the facts not conjure up things that have not happened.. I will contact you within 24 hours regarding my FB and Twitter, would be very surprised if what you say is true. But its only FB and Twitter, again not affecting my livihood and life. Again would be very surprised if anything affects my life, money, family, home livilhood tbh. Not being cocky or big headed but facts are it was an internet website to make a profile. Thats it, nothing more nothing less. If something was done to someones active directory account or exchange account then yes would fully agree. However that is not the case. The fact was that a profile was made on a public world wide website. This is a forum, at best some members on here have my FB/twitter. So again I do question your statement about having to "sweat" bearing in mind no one really knows each other on here, just because you have been messaging someone on a forum for an amount of time that does not mean they know you or life etc. So again not being big headed or cocky but I will not be sweating about my life over some POF page that was used to dupe women. Takes a few seconds to press the X button like I said. So to sum up. Yes fake profile was made Yes chicks sent pics and videos No names were ever stated, no snitching "you know my mate and linked him" as far as it went. This forum was never stated Am I the first person to ever do this, no Will I be the last person to ever do this, no Will I be doing it again, no Thats it, nothing more nothing less. Its done now, jokes were funny and was creasing at the pix. But its done and all out, could have carried it on with lying etc or not replying. But pointless TBH. Gone.