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  1. Corrigan

    come back and tell every1 what happened in the end

    STAP BEING A p*ssy

    it is the internet

  2. huh?hasnt he only made one album since then?
  3. Managed to shoulder press 38kg in each hand the other day (7 reps, after doing 3 sets of 10 reps on 34kg)Was very proud,,
  4. I find i can bench press more weight.. but i never do it because i dont have a spotter and it aint about dropping a barbell on your neck...
  5. L

    Body Fat

    11% last time i checked.. but i guess its less now because i've some how lost 6lbs and its certainly not muscle I lost
  6. L

    Rate My Diet

    No homo but i'd hope with the amount of money you lot spend on food, the amount of restriction in your diet, that you lot are stupidly hench with next to no body fat..I personally just eat whatever i want, girls say i look good.. and i'm cool..
  7. L

    Nokia N97

    Yea its alla bout the e series if you dont wanna take pictures, movies, listen to music or any general multimedia functions.. My girl's got an E71 and its sick for her, coz all she does is text.. But the camera is weaaaaak considering my N95 is 2 years old and takes better pictures
  8. For real this sounds nuts to me.. 1500 cards and all you make is 184K?!
  9. L

    Nokia N97

    ITs all about this or the n86.. Have an X1 so thinking might be dumb to get another qwerty brick though..
  10. Current Project > Generators > [your vst] > Right click Midi CC 1 > Link to controller > Move the wheel > done
  11. L

    FAO Mac users

    For real, why you'd use anything bar boot camp is beyond me...Why you'd drop bare dough on a shiny computer to put windows on is kinda beyond my comprehension aswell..
  12. I just use IE, everything works without f*ck*ng about..'low using a next browser on some next non-conformist hypeAnd dont chat sh*t about speed, from when i click the link and the page is there it cant really be any faster
  13. L

    Project Natal

    They actually just pissed on everyone Nuts..
  14. Just weighed myself for the first time in like a year, i'm light as hell.Weight: 71.9kg (11st 4lb)Body Fat: 11.5%At 5 foot 6 i'm relatively short tho so as expected i'm still 'obese' on my BMI Havent done barbell bench press for tiiiime coz i wont do it without a spotter but i'll do 100kg today and see how many reps i can doMaxDumbell press 46kg * 4Shoulder press 38kg * 6Lat Pulldown 95kg * 7
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