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  1. Mz Boyage


    yeah, im like that, differnt names to different people- it just depends how you know me. At work some woman called her baby beyoncé....tbh when addressing said child, i tried to avoid saying the name
  2. yeah thats exactly what has happened to it! and know one knows of it....its getting so anoying Thanks for the help
  3. I'm looking for a tune, which seems not to exist i've asked loads of people and places, and googled it and even tried to youtube it.....cant seem to find this damn song!!! i don't know the name of it! it was a female version of colour me bad's "i wanna sex you up" the version im after is reallllyyy old too, like 90's so its not a recent thing...been trying 2 get hold of it!!! if anyone knows of this track or how to get this track i would be really grateful for ya help with this! thanks
  4. lol...i see were your coming from on this oneLMAO
  5. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOLschool boy....should never deface your body with a persons name....
  6. Mz Boyage


    lmao its the way he asked like its a normal questiona/s/l/mandem Does your piece ever show through your trousersLMAO....wow
  7. Mz Boyage

    'Pop' Music

    i have become more interested in "pop" music of late...its getting my attention....there is a stigma that comes with liking "pop" music tho, but i feel that it is starting leave, or this may be because im getting older and understand that my opinion is the only one which counts and if other people dont like the music i like, it really doesnt matter.
  8. Mz Boyage


    just mascara in the day time on holiday
  9. Mz Boyage


    colours only stain your nails if you dont use a base coat....most people just add a top coat for shine afterwards, but a base coat should always be applied...this will avoid stainagei loveeee mac! i got this banging pink lipstick that i dont go anwhere withoutgot a few random producks from barry m...must sayi do like!i got a few eyeshadows from sleek...very good i must say, got a wicked palet of colours!my fav mascara atm is bourjois 'volume clubbing' in ultra black....wicked its not water proof however it says on the tube "ultra resistance" and it really has passed the resistance tests... its quite good....obviously it snot waterproof tho, so cant do things like swimming with it! lol
  10. Mz Boyage

    ghetto weddin

    lol at all of that!
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