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  1. rouleroule

    hiphop Soulja Boy Claims He's The Hottest MC In the Game

    Wow.Any delusional kid.
  2. rouleroule


    Flying Lotus - 1983Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon LoveNYPC - Fantastic PlaygroundRóisín Murphy - OverpoweredBoys Noize - Oi oi oiDJ Mehdi - Lucky BoyAmongst others..........
  3. rouleroule

    Daft Punk Alive 2007

    Which, in turn, isn't as good as the Coachella album.Still good, though.
  4. rouleroule

    A ghost awoke me

  5. rouleroule

    Madelines dad

    The media done a good job of brainwashing you. The parents didn't do it, all these people saying 'I always knew they were guilty' are gassin to the extreme.I'm pretty sure the 'Save Madeleine Fund' was for services like the 24hr support line in Portugal, and not to support the family.What the f*ck can he do now anyway?! He's been round the world even visited the pope... has to rely on those sh*t Portuguese police now...
  6. rouleroule

    Who here uses iTunes

    I use http://www.allofmp3.ru/But when that doesn't have what I'm looking for, I 'download illegally'.
  7. rouleroule

    Bang Bang no Gcse's gang

    As is the case with so many of these multi-millionaire entrepreneurs.
  8. rouleroule

    Bang Bang no Gcse's gang

    Richard Branson = Right place, right time.
  9. rouleroule

    mods that are on a dumb hype

    Wind your neck in, son.
  10. rouleroule

    Anybody on here ever been traveling?

    Not necessarily 'travelling', but I worked and lived in France for six months last Winter.
  11. rouleroule

    house Official Track ID Thread

    Song's too sh*t.
  12. rouleroule

    is your ear peirced?

  13. rouleroule


    Literally off the top of my head:Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon - TogetherIan Carey & Mochico - Say What You Want (Ian Carey Dub Mix) OKAlan Braxe & Fred Falke - IntroShapeshifters - Pusher (Lifelike Remix)Bucketheads - The BombDJ Puipui ft. X - Where Is My Woman?Surkin - Radio FireworksSurkin - Hoes Get DownThe Freshmakers - Let U GoWe In Music - Now That The Love Has GoneStardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Miami Horror Remix)Steed Lord - Feel The HeatDigitalism - Pogo (Shinichi Osawa Remix)Depends what sh*t you're looking for really though.