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  1. Greens

    Game Of Thrones

    Mad thing was HBO were willing to keep going but the showrunners wanted to end it where they did. So it wasn't even due to it getting too expensive for them. Dany went from liberator to tyrant to dead in 3 episodes 🤣
  2. Greens

    Game Of Thrones

    That's that then. Everything just seems so pointless now
  3. Greens

    live The Cup Final Topic 2019

    Shocking defending, lol @ getting beaten in the air by David Silva and Sterling
  4. Greens

    Brits Abroad - Footballers Playing Overseas

    £3m? Wasn't this guy supposed to be sick?
  5. Greens

    live The Cup Final Topic 2019

    When I use to spam the skill buttons on Pro
  6. Greens

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Probably Utd Wheres Zaha gonna go?
  7. Greens

    Abortion ban

    Can get sent to prison for aborting a foetus after being raped.
  8. Greens

    John Wick

    Best graphic novel film and its not even based on a graphic novel.
  9. Greens

    Recommendations - No Spoilers

    Completely forgot I had even watched that, was decent for a netflix movie but got really bad towards the end.
  10. Greens

    The Video Thread part 2

    lol at that conveniently placed branch across the path near the end
  11. Greens

    Game Of Thrones

    Preferred this episode to the long night. At least Dany will get killed now, only 4 seasons too late.
  12. I just saw the email from my mate, its via some FA thing and they've only got 30. Don't think it's a ticket in hand situation.
  13. theres about 30000 tickets going to sponsors, those are the ones that go up for resale.
  14. Greens

    Mr. Robot - TV Show

    Deffo certi but I feel like the writers don't really know where to take it now