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  1. Greens

    Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    Not feeling it, don't wanna hear him crooning over mild lounge music.
  2. Greens

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Mata signed a new 3 year contract.
  3. Greens

    Modern Warfare Remastered

    Yeah but by around the time of advanced warfare or whatever story got boring so everyone only played multiplayer
  4. Greens

    Sky Sports / BT / Premier / Eleven Sports

    Oh shit didn't even know they bid for games, thought it was just rumours about the future. Wonder what their pundit line up will be
  5. Greens

    live 2019/20 Premier League Fixtures

    Suarez on the phone trying to get a short term loan just to smash Norwich one last time
  6. Greens

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    Lingards disallowed goal was the best i've seen england play since the Hoddle days
  7. Greens

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    LMAO, playing like its a kickabout in the park
  8. Greens

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Didn't even see it, knocked down 4 times. Legacy done
  9. Greens

    live The Cup Final Topic 2019

  10. Greens

    live The Cup Final Topic 2019

    Horrible horrible game but could not give a flying fuck. Origi is God Klopp has broken the curse More Champions league wins than the rest of the pl combined Henderson lifting the trophy>>>>
  11. Greens

    grime Skepta

    Yeah pretty average, he should use some other producers for a bit of variety.
  12. Greens

    Modern Warfare Remastered

    Could actually be first decent cod in years
  13. Greens

    Sugar tax: anti-obesity measure takes effect today.

    Lucozade have fucked themselves, tastes like shit
  14. Greens

    Warm Showers

    You need to be wondering about the why not the how.
  15. Greens

    live The Cup Final Topic 2019

    Aubama Blud Clart Yang was woeful