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  1. Monaco being gutted
  2. Anything actually happen in this video?
  3. Got the next 2 days off work, crazy tired after a 3 day intensive training course and about 3-4 hours sleep per night for the last 4 days. The way I was looking forward to my lie-in today, but some c*nt tree surgeon have been removing a tree 3 doors down since 9 ffs.
  4. Why is the BT presenter so cringe
  5. I would much prefer to work 11-7 instead of 9-5 if I could. The commute would be so calm.
  6. Because people like chaps watch, like and share them.
  7. Will take a week off work when this drops
  8. Do we really need 2 topics?
  9. I've never seen a menswear item with lace detailing, might just be me though.
  10. Of course but why sell something that shows no sign of slowing down.
  11. Strong and stable economy. Just keep repeating it and maybe it will come true.
  12. Nah mate hold them, only going up more in the future.
  13. Area I'm in at the moment is a full on Tory stronghold. Same MP been in position for the last 15+ years with over 50% of the vote every time.
  14. Packets of crisps take the absolute piss now days.
  15. Been slipping, haven't had time to think recently due to work but got a couple days off coming up so gonna fully research and jump in. Friend of a friend runs a page on Facebook where he updates all his trades and findings. Guy is holding over 20 different coins and constantly flipping smaller coins for short term gains and holding the more promising ones for longer investments. He reckons bitcoin will reach $4-5k by the end of the year.