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  1. Greens

    live Week 16 - Premier League & CL MD6

    Alisson is clutch
  2. Greens

    The Video Thread part 2

    That kid caught life, fucking hell
  3. Greens

    live Week 16 - Premier League & CL MD6

    Mane is drunk, missed 3 sitters
  4. Greens

    Raheem Sterling Racist Media Campaign

    On this issue of racism in the media, this came up in my feed yesterday and I couldn't believe how they can spin something positive into a negative like this. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6475787/Jay-Zs-scholarship-fund-barely-gives-students-money-pay-books.html?ico=amp-comments-viewall#article-6475787
  5. Greens

    #MeToo Movement

    Almost like an article from the Onion
  6. Greens

    Marvel Super Heroes

    Not watching
  7. Greens

    #MeToo Movement

    You must be proper butters
  8. Greens

    Words u wish people would stop sayin..

    Haven't heard anyone say that for about 20 years
  9. Greens

    Words u wish people would stop sayin..

    / No cap Tea as in gossip
  10. Greens

    The Music Video Thread

    Who's Dad is that in the vid
  11. Greens

    Narcos Mexico

    No one jumped on yet? Less intriguing characters but still just as good.
  12. Greens

    Official Twitter Thread

    Jumpy was a certified banger way before the remix.
  13. Greens

    live Week 14 & 15 - 18/19 Premier League

    VVD with the disguised cross>>> PIckford with the assist>>> Divock with the revenge for the tackle that de-railed his career>>>