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  1. Greens

    Recommend a youtube Channel

    So you don't consume any kind of media?
  2. Greens

    Sitcoms dem/comedies

    Parks & Rec, The Office US, Community, Curb & Always Sunny are the goats Edit: Almost forgot Peep Show smh
  3. Greens

    #MeToo Movement

    Don't think they took sides, they have to follow up an allegation no matter who it's from. Once they realised it was bogus they drove them personally from cov to London. Just wonder if they will now charge her...
  4. Greens


    Nah he's talking about the collaboration with Dapper Dan that Gucci have done
  5. Greens

    Recommend a youtube Channel

    I hardly watch anything on normal TV, my cable box is turned off for the most part. YouTube/Netflix/Prime/terrarium is me
  6. Greens

    The Music Video Thread

    I swear Fredo only has 1 facial expression
  7. Greens

    Recommend a youtube Channel

    A lot of these are probably well known but I'll throw them out just in case. On mobile so will edit links later. For tech: UrAvgConsumer (mainly phones but also does a lot of big tech unboxings) MKBHD (probably the most well known tech reviewer. My go to guy for phone reviews but also does cameras and recently tech in cars) Unbox Therapy (Tells the real and reviews we left field stuff) Flossy Carter (different approach to most other tech reviewers, does a lot of headphones and Bluetooth speakers as well as phones) Randomfankp (mainly pc building and set ups but also buys random boxes of tech from liquidation auctions) Football: Copa90 (FIFA & Chill, and weekly roundup with Poet & Vuj) Filthy Fellas (banter of the weekends action) Food: First We Feast (hot ones) Binging With Babbish (started with recreating foods from TV shows and films, now expanded to general cooking) Munchies (mainly watch for Action Bronson & Matty Matherson episodes) Others: Genius (have producers breakdown a production of a track they made or directors break down a video) DidYouKnowGaming? (Interesting trivia about a particular game or console) ScreenJunkiesNews (all the latest movie news) Motherboard (mini docs about things happening in the science world)
  8. Greens

    Dodgy runnings at Speakers' Corner

    Lasted about 1 min and saw a bunch of weirdos chating shit to other wierdos
  9. Greens

    Charlie Sloth leaving BBC 1XTRA

    Dunno, but those were segments on already established platforms and didn't have a personality behind them with radio experience
  10. Greens

    Charlie Sloth leaving BBC 1XTRA

    Probably has a lot to do with the fire in the booth series he started to provide a platform for UK talent and overall perseverance and work ethic
  11. Greens


    Had been holding out for the pixel 3 but all the leaks have killed any hype. The state of the notch and huge chin on it, Google acting real drunk with that design. Soon as I saw that I went and copped the Note 9, phone is too sick.
  12. Greens

    Kodi / TVMC / XMBC - TV, Movie & Sport Streaming

    What's the verdict so far then for sports? Tried to set up ontarget but the guy stopped replying to my messages and the whole iptv process seems a bit long having to go through resellers. Needs a sportsmania type service, I don't really care about non-sports channels. So far this season I've been struggling with flash streams but yesterday was the final straw.
  13. Greens

    They did it again: Jamie Oliver's Jerk Rice

    Kind of mad how a topic about jerk rice has turned into the drinking habits of Asians in UK.
  14. Greens


    Nah don't get the XR, LCD screens are 2015 tech