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  1. Mans legit nowdays, Spotify all the way
  2. New album is meh
  3. United celebrating VVD slipping like they've won the CL. Actually mad
  4. I did wonder why they were pouring out the drink from a fresh bottle. I like how they set up the fake tip off about the undercover fed selling lighters
  5. Think the twist at the end was more referring to the nittys
  6. On ep4 liking the slower pace and build up of it all. Fucked up for man like Jason, what a shit life.
  7. Greens

    The BETA Thread.

    They work on Xbox?
  8. Would also like to know, heard sportsmania was back a while ago but I'm way out of the loop
  9. There's a lot of hurt guys in the comment section pmsl
  10. Not feeling it, don't wanna hear him crooning over mild lounge music.
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