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  1. Need a video of Mustafi "tracking" Benteke at the end of the half. One of the most baffling things I have ever seen on a football pitch.
  2. Horrible lineup. Mkhitaryan has been utter shite this season.
  3. That goal was caused by Iwobi's scruffy, playground tekkers.
  4. Pay 75 million for Umar Johnson, brehs.
  5. Nelson scores his second goal for Hoffenheim. https://streamable.com/t7w24
  6. First impressive team performance under Emery.
  7. Haven't followed his career since 2015, but this dude is/was legitimately the worst passer of a football that I have ever seen.
  8. Lukaku's summoned the spirit of Adriano. What a performance.
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