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  1. Jokes aside Wenger needs to allow the cup comps for a few years and focus ONLY on the league
  2. FAM
  3. Thizz has MISSED Lahi
  4. smh
  5. unquestionable undeniable
  6. Fam Fam
  7. Don Wengz
  8. excuse me
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  10. WTF You lot are chatting shit, trolling surely? If someone owes you big money you need to ask yourself how did you get into that position in the first place for someone to be owing you money Then draw a line under it, take the L then move on with your life My boy is currently in this situation, someone currently owes him 15 bags. he is doing the most to try to get it back to the point hes hired goons to try take the pee back. Hes not about that life, hes not a road man or gangster. Hes a successful man and has his whole life ahead of him. Is it worth getting into such a madness? Its all Ego