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  1. Badman

    #MeToo Movement

    Is that racist?
  2. Badman

    Official Anime / Manga Thread

    Ahh not too bad then
  3. Badman

    i miss brisco and esq

    Ahh welcome back brisco
  4. Badman

    Official Anime / Manga Thread

    huh wtf I thought it was 24 eps?
  5. Badman

    MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    He took it way too personal though
  6. Badman

    Nile Ranger

    Either way these so called coaches and white people in suits would not know how to manage such an individual
  7. Badman

    Random News

    Thats not the point, The point is about Gangs / Can wait till Marijuana is legalised
  8. Badman


    fam coming along nicely (Didnt watch the trailer)
  9. Badman

    Recommend a youtube Channel

  10. Badman

    Strictly curse

    Thats real pain
  11. Badman

    Nile Ranger

    Yes but depends how much time and patience you have to can dedicate to him He might not be willing to receive it either
  12. Badman

    Strictly curse

    Certain females nowadays* Happy? 😁
  13. Badman

    Strictly curse

    Wouldn't normally entertain such a story but props where props due and I respect this statement from the now ex g/f Females nowadays all too quick to play the victim card to crave attention/self pity but she seems like shes willing and prepared to take the L on the chin Good on her
  14. Badman

    Strictly curse

    who the fuck does that shit on road anyway Disgusting behavior
  15. Badman

    Dodgy runnings at Speakers' Corner

    You might be a top c*nt but at least you’re not tryna get the forum shut down smh at my man