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  1. Lord Sugar's racist tweet

  2. Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    With that board?
  3. The Mesut Ozil Thread

    MÖ10 Its time....
  4. Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    Nice send off still
  5. 2017/18 Hot Summer

  6. European Spring

  7. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    the way my man keeps reinventing himself as well Has embraced that avatar life boy
  8. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

  9. Summer 2018

  10. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    yeah its mad
  11. Instagram

    Yeah she’s nice
  12. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    He doesn't need to explain anything tbh but whats bugging me is the fact that your coming in on your high horse with some cryptic speech, which has added absolutely no value or context to the situation at all
  13. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Nah bro your moving mad cant lie A big man can come and explain himself tbh not send his lacky to give some TF4DKTTKK speach Low tryna take make this into a circus bro just allow it