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  1. Its true the club unfortunately only care about the bottom line and not the fans It would probably be too costly to please us as well they got us nicely where they want us....helpless I used to regularly go to away games and a bag of European games. I dont even do that anymore its heartbreaking Disclaimer. I dont really believe people will snap up the chance for a season ticket if their number on the waiting list comes up tbh
  2. Tried telling every man Ramsey should not be sold
  3. Badman


    I dont agree that people that cheat are scum Its definitely not worth it though
  4. Badman

    Vegan Gang

    Cant wait to try that vegan sausage roll
  5. My Sincere condolences What was his mental state like if you dont mind me asking?
  6. Lol wishful thinking perfect opportunity to add a ‘buss case’ lyric for their favourite drill riddm
  7. Badman

    Nye plans

    Please start the new year right lads I’ll be at home with my fam
  8. pmsl can someone please get that brudda some help
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