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  1. Upcoming Movie Trailers/Movie Speculation

    As long as it’s not Daniel craig but I’m sure it is 🙄
  2. Anderson Paak

    ahhh shit missed it
  3. Lamb>>>>chicken>>>Fish>>>>beef>>> pork

    Fish> Undisputed
  4. Infinity Wars: Who Kills Thanos

    I wonder if the cosmic beings are gonna be in this
  5. Dirty talk during sex

    Cant lie, sometimes I spit some lyrics when I need to control the buss What also works is when the female does it coz I do find it kinda cringe
  6. Did he actually say that?! PMSL
  7. Can you be wrong about Arsenal now
  8. Infinity Wars: Who Dies?

    Till it gets played out Especially if they dont deliver in infinity wars
  9. Kanye West

  10. Culture Vultures

    Music transcends race ffs This whole thing is a bunch of fraff
  11. Infinity Wars: Who Dies?

    Have you lot not read the comic?
  12. The Music Video Thread

  13. Fredo

    UK urban music scene needs to fix up
  14. Rip Stormin

    Tragic news Rest in piece