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  1. i never get hows theres always like 26 users online but nobody posting...
  2. skream set still goingf*ck*ng illonly reason im even awake
  3. Much obligedCan nobody else help me out with the gaps? sh*t is bugging me still.bruv i just basically had them all as canary wharf and tower bridge
  4. black hawk down sample is too ill
  5. yh but tbh a lot of doormen are prickslike when i hear a bouncer got shanked i feel same way i would if i heard a police got shankedp.s. i dont hype to doormen unless they try boy meedit, and i thought they used big guys for teh job cos they look intiimidating to a lot of people, the fact that someone who knows karate or some sh*t or can just fight good would drop them dont matter
  6. Shawn_Carter


    aergaergng qegr rehhe lol at ur name, i was wondering who you wereerm i dunno, im not really sure what its about tbh, im not really inna all that black activist stuff, but its not really that is itLOLIts not even any black activist stuff tbhyeah theres debates from time to time but its more of a thing where everybody is just jammin upthe official freshers rave is on friday i thinkthe good thing about ACS is that its joined with MMU so you can interact with the MMU students tooTBH I had more friends at MMU than ManUnijust go along and have a look, if its not your thing don't go anymore, simple really.yeh ill probably have a look, specially as ill probaly be living with white pplsounds sensible to go and have a look i guess
  7. Shawn_Carter


    lol at ur name, i was wondering who you wereerm i dunno, im not really sure what its about tbh, im not really inna all that black activist stuff, but its not really that is it
  8. do u have to be a 6"5 bodybuilder to do this?
  9. Shawn_Carter


    yh samelike u know theres gonna be non-indie stuff going on outside but u cant really go on ur ones.
  10. Shawn_Carter


    Everybody needs to change. I'm not saying you have to start drinking beer and listening to Indie... There are other changes to be made but if you go in closed minded you are only hurting yourself. You think anybody else cares if you're a total loner who learns nothing about how he comes across to people? Think you're gonna be able to get a job after 3 years of not using your social skills?especially as a black person. you must make an effort to show through your communication skills that you are not any hoodrat from the ends. you would be surprised how stereotypical certain country bumpkins think you are supposed to come across even though you're at uni.im not saying befriend these types but u have to show them their misconceptions are wrong.Last year i would be stood outside my boys blocks and would ask someone for the code to get in. instead of my boy having to come down and let me in.responses varied from.cool to can i see your id card please (like say you're a security guard and have any authority to as that), to straight up are u going to steal anything see thats the kind of sh*t best not happen to mecos if some prick says that to me then im gonna end up gettin kicked out of uni for catching them in the student bar and slappin them couple times
  11. how you gonna post angelica bell in this threadi used to buss wanks to herany black man who wouldnt f*ck her is gay, period
  12. supermalt, fanta fruit twist & orange lucozade>>>>Ribenaalie?would be inclined to agree with the orange lucozade but gonna have to say no to supermalt and fanta fruit twistthe fanta fruit twist is particularly unpleasant
  13. LMAOand LMAO @ wavesurfertopic starter is a certified GUMP
  14. Shawn_Carter


    Thing is yh, if you go there with a attitude like "f*ck these posh pricks, these man cant tell me nuttin" etc, [which is kinda how i feel], then u only gonna end up bored and lonely. Might as well try and adapt a bit just to get some friends or gash. I mean, these man are probably safe in their own way, like most ppl are probably friendly, they just coming from a different place thats all.
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