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  1. Chris Eubank Jr

  2. write a poem about yourself.....

    The wind is untouched but moved, and the only awareness there is to be had is the bowing of the branches of trees. They do not know how the tree feels about falling leaves but on an autumn morning, the leaves are spread. How tall can one tree reach? How far can one leaf fall?
  3. Damn, why is Wenger so against playing AOL? He's taking the piss out of the fans and the club at this point.
  4. I like Bilic's buys. It's a shame the players are just not turning up for West Ham. You cant give the likes of Salah the kind of space they gifted him.
  5. Week 10 - 17/18 Premier League & CL MD4

    All I can hear is Stone Cold Steve Austin saying "What?"
  6. Sleeping with your ex....

    Nah I'm straight
  7. Are all men the same?

    This entire thread, including the title smh
  8. Which albums u reckon u kno off by heart

    Probably just 'Life After Death' and 'The Miseducation of Lauren Hill'.
  9. FIFA Best Awards

    Was Salah given enough opportunities at Chelsea to get going? I mean, I know he's started like a man possessed at Liverpool but was he really up to speed with Chelsea? They've done this before with a number of players though. How many players does Chelsea have out on loan right now? How many did they have out on loan then?
  10. The Walking Dead Thread

    Tried to add way too much context.
  11. FIFA Best Awards

    Mourinho is a strange one. Right now 2 of the best players in the premier league De Bruyne and Salah, are Mourinho rejects, if I'm remembering the timeline correctly.
  12. Official EVENTS Thread

    Depends on the act tbh. I saw Prince at the O2, place felt too small. But I've also seen Black Eyed Peas there which was meh
  13. Marvel Super Heroes

    New Punisher trailer, but the piss take of releasing the same day as Justice League. Marvel officially do not give a fuck.
  14. Official EVENTS Thread

    There are a lot of adverts for this kind of thing recently. I'm really glad musicians are finding ways to earn an income.
  15. Official EVENTS Thread

    Post events or gigs you've heard about or are going to. Let the masses know where they are and the dates, and if you're feeling generous post links to ticket info and stuff.