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  1. Scorpzz

    PS3 COD4 mandem

    LOLmaybe i should of played sh*t while i was on the other team.ill probably jump on at 10.30
  2. them istrumentals there
  3. dun kno we got them extra O's in our vowels for who ever wants it.*plays phone on loudspeaker while riding goat into the farm estate/barn*
  4. Scorpzz

    PS3 COD4 mandem

    lmfaoi just destroyed my boys confidencedeaded him 30 times on shipment he killed me twice.
  5. Scorpzz

    PS3 COD4 mandem

    lmfao my bredrin jus got COD im schoolin him differently
  6. Scorpzz

    Ghostly Stories

    loltercation @ hook me up with some spells
  7. Scorpzz

    Ghostly Stories

    lmao @ the lil congregation of the sh*t commiteeyou man make this forum a better placethumbs up*waits for o-guy to roll thru with his juju stories*
  8. fdg]#fdg'fd#gPISSEDso is your old game data (COD4 rank etc)gonna be saved?
  9. Scorpzz

    PS3 COD4 mandem

    when the f*ck did this thread hit 69 pages flippin hell
  10. Scorpzz

    PS3 COD4 mandem

    who's itsmurkury on here?
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