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    Shifting Backwards And Forewards Through Time Battrying The Fittest Chicks Alive
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    Spilling the blood of the unworthy<br /><br />Creating mutagenic viruses 2 kilofkilly the human race<br /><br />Destorying Infidels<br /><br />World Domination<br /><br />Rape

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  1. En Sabah Nur


    hes officially in roll deep now
  2. my boys wud b on lookout 4 me the whole timekeepin tabs on her n ringin me in penid no the facts of 2 years b4 she has time 2 tell me herself
  3. talentedthat wud make me famous, rich and get all the p*ssy
  4. so u no wat i lovethe illuminati r a secret societybut then u get bare random websites exposing all their secret
  5. lets not 4got we was all breast fed 2 as babiesso ne opions of its disgusting r null and void
  6. mehsuckin ur wifeys tits n sum milk cums outdeal wiv it
  7. En Sabah Nur

    Its o.v.e.r

    wen ur partner asks u if u think the relationship is working outgiv it 1 week n shes dumpin u
  8. wet white wine i find always makes girls legs opennumba 1 date drink. swear down they act like slags after 2 glasses..no date rape..
  9. minorsi gotthe 3 vids on ma laptoppm me if ya want em
  10. ahh well doctoru jus had ur life saved now ur not wiv her
  11. id rather start from the start of the saga instead of havin random issues
  12. jus read up on this on wikipediasounds soooooo live
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