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  1. Week 13 & 14 - 17/18 Premier League

    2nd year in a row done em in last minute no homo this time deserved
  2. Week 07 - 17/18 Premier League

    Football>>> his son coulda got a first at uni, got a sick job, had a baby etc the ol mans never showing as much as emotion as that
  3. Week 05 - 17/18 Premier League & EFL Cup R3

    Ramsey been sippin that 13/14 juice
  4. Greatest Actor

    Not sayin actors can't be funny and do serious work. Was just an homage to his work but no ones touching his comic success - ace Ventura x2, mask, dumb and dumber. Works of art
  5. Greatest Actor

    Jim Carrey (there is not any comic actor near him, then he can still put that emotional work in- Truman show, eternal sunshine) nicholson in one flew over the cuckoos nest Depp in fear and loathing
  6. Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    Yep we need that cazorla replacement someone with good footwork and can start a counter quickly xhaka is really a long ball merchant, and even tho I sense and pray there is some confidence coming back to Ramsey's game, he doesn't have that skilful edge i was hoping that reine Adelaide would be the second coming of diaby but im reading that wenger isn't too impressed yet
  7. D Double E biggest failure in Grime?

    Man like sxorpz
  8. CAS

    Didn't think I could give CAS any more ratings than I did, then he uses a geaaffelstein beat guy knows his music 👍🏼
  9. Alexis Sanchez 17

    No one gives a fuck about the money in this world. Bottom line is with him in our team for one year , we have a chance of winning he league, without him, not so much. Glad wenger is finally thinking along these lines, he better ride it out the rvp tale was a lesson learnt
  10. Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    This happened same time last year re: xhaka. Always starts early then fades into dragged out failures vardy, higuain, benzema etc
  11. Tommy Robinson Troll watch

    Akala shut him down nicely. Literally couldn't handle the eloquence
  12. Where the fucks welbz and holding
  13. They had a bag of chances, still not impressed but I'm liking holding, Gabriel was good today too
  14. President Donald Trump Thread

    Why wouldn't you just apply for s visa as just a Brit? How r the US sposed to know you're a dual citizen?
  15. President Donald Trump Thread

    fully doesn't give a fuck especially since that meeting with Abe, who is equally if not more jingoistic