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  1. Fearless-Guy

    mufc Man Utd 2018/19

    Fuck there’s a lot of core banter era players there
  2. Fearless-Guy

    MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    This is deeper than sport khabib destroyed him still
  3. Fearless-Guy

    live Week 08 - 18/19 Premier League

    The banter era is alive!!! man like muto
  4. This might be better than the moyes era from time I’m tuning in just to catch jokes
  5. Fearless-Guy

    Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    Not gonna lie been rinsing this all day kanye winnin’
  6. Fearless-Guy

    live Week 04 - 18/19 Premier League

    Alie, feel much more secure with him on beg he starts with guendouzi and no more xhaka
  7. Fearless-Guy


    Any fans of Norm Macdonald? His talk shows starting in September
  8. Fearless-Guy

    Better Call Saul

    Best show out why do you think Kim got so upset at the end?
  9. Fearless-Guy

    Round of Last 16

    Has the atmosphere of a euros qualifier tbh
  10. Fearless-Guy

    Round of Last 16

    Both teams composure on 0 esp dzemaili
  11. Fearless-Guy

    Round of Last 16

    Dnxndndn what a save
  12. Fearless-Guy

    Round of Last 16

    As if they’re gonna give a pen 5 mins from time in the host nation pmsl
  13. Fearless-Guy

    Round of Last 16

    If you’re Russia you’d take pens all day long vs Spain so can’t blame them
  14. Fearless-Guy

    Round of Last 16

    Ridiculous finish
  15. Fearless-Guy

    Final Group Stage Games

    Oi this wc maddmdmddmkddk