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  1. Fuck there’s a lot of core banter era players there
  2. This is deeper than sport khabib destroyed him still
  3. The banter era is alive!!! man like muto
  4. This might be better than the moyes era from time I’m tuning in just to catch jokes
  5. Not gonna lie been rinsing this all day kanye winnin’
  6. Alie, feel much more secure with him on beg he starts with guendouzi and no more xhaka
  7. Any fans of Norm Macdonald? His talk shows starting in September
  8. Best show out why do you think Kim got so upset at the end?
  9. Has the atmosphere of a euros qualifier tbh
  10. Both teams composure on 0 esp dzemaili
  11. As if they’re gonna give a pen 5 mins from time in the host nation pmsl
  12. If you’re Russia you’d take pens all day long vs Spain so can’t blame them
  13. These timelines are all over the place anthony Hopkins lenging man down post death >>>>
  14. Dmdndnddnzznx latest ep>>>>>> best hour+ of tv I’ve seen in a while Them glory days of Lost (seasons 1-3)
  15. Gonna be a sick summer not gettin too gassed tho til I see the replacement. Can’t trust this board
  16. Ironically the best we’ve played all year
  17. Get them in fuckin asap dont wanna see guys like elneny iwobi no more ffs
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