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  1. I'm just starting out and I have downloaded Reaper as it seems like a one-size fits all software that accommodates my PC. I know that there's also Ableton, FL Studio and Pro Tools out there as well. What do you recommend to someone just starting out who wants to make R&B music? I have £500 to spend on books, hardware and software.
  2. Date My Porn Star - Channel 4, tonight, 10pm Tanya Tate with some bloke
  3. Just switched on in the last 10 minutes... Fucking hell! Is it a mental asylum or a care home? What a bunch of fucking misfits! Times must be fucking hard! Another bird from Loose Women, some scrawny chick with big tits, both the "Battersbys" from Coronation Street, fuck knows who the rest are. If I was running this shit show, I'd trick 'em into entering the house and just locking them in and treating it like a prison, make them have to fight each other for food and status and force them to create ways of escaping without being shot by the armed guards (with dogs)...
  4. Lorraine Burroughs... the lawyer Dushane better smash this next episode... or I'm switching off... Plus, anyone catch that secret phone call of hers? Is she working for the feds or some other drugs people? Bet you she's looking to "turn him" and use the threat of prison against bringing down the Sully/the bigger Dons
  5. Bump Thought this thread would start to get more active...
  6. Ellen Thomas! That woman has no shame! She loves showing off her tits and playing MILFs! She's the African http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Coolidge'>Jennifer Coolidge!
  7. So Bad They're Good... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqNquDlAanE So Bad They're f*cking Awful...
  8. 'F**k them pagans... you county of witches' children': Wiley 'facing legal action' after deserting Cumbria festival just 15 minutes into his set Rapper Wiley is facing legal action after walking off stage at a festival. The grime artist performed just three songs at Cockrock, in Cockermouth, Cumbria, before cutting short his set after booing and dodging objects thrown by an angry crowd. He has now slammed Cumbrians as 'inbreds', 'reptillions', 'you county of witches' children', 'invalids', and 'cretins' in a series of angry tweets. Wiley was headlining the non-profit making festival on Satur
  9. In the first drama, Carol (Olivia Colman) is a tough single mother striving to keep her family together. When her teenage sons commit an act of random violence that results in the death of a stranger, Carol faces the impossible choice of protecting her children or doing the right thing. Ying is an illegal immigrant from the Fujian province of China who sells pirate DVDs and stolen phones at cafés, pubs and barbershops around Brixton. She must pay back her debts to the Snakehead gang, but when an immigration raid leaves her with no friends, home or money, Ying finds refuge with Jamal,
  10. If it's the girl on the left, then trust me, there are LOADS of these types in young people's TV today. Try pitching your show directly to BBC or C4, it ain't happening, but run it through these guys and let them pitch it and it gets made. THEY make the shows for BBC 3 and E4.
  11. Top Boy Series 2 should be starting in August / September (according to The Voice) How will the story move forward? What do you expect to happen this time?
  12. Olivia Colman and Katie Leung star in a compelling four-part drama that weaves together the stories of four seemingly unconnected people Watching?
  13. Fran Drescher - Happily Divorced/The Nanny Melissa Rauch "Bernadette" on Big Bang Theory
  14. Anyone catch Ep 1 of Luther Series 3 tonight? Opinions?
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