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  1. Good I'm glad he deserved that
  2. https://m.soundcloud.com/unity_sound/love-and-unity-vol-1 This is badddddd Who can test me?!?! Pure oldskool vybez
  3. On apple right? Cardi got Nicki shook
  4. Cardi b vs Nicki minaj ? Nicki been hosting radio??
  5. He can't just backtrack like that What a p*ssy
  6. Dj nate https://m.soundcloud.com/bashmentpartyuk/brukoutnov18 Eli b https://m.soundcloud.com/zahiralibhai/decades-of-house-the-sounds-of-commercial-underground-house-vol-2-mixed-by-dj-elib https://m.soundcloud.com/zahiralibhai/dj-elib-with-mcs-rankin-ckp-redefine
  7. Lol ur a bum mate Stop with ur duck tails No one actually gives a shit only u hence why ur running around like a bitch arguing wih ur own mind
  8. Ur the only one begging for attention u silly little weasle
  9. Salad cream Is the one Brown sauce on smokey bacon crisps peng tho
  10. Nor pissed off anymore my new cdj's are coming tomoz n I have so many new beats n songs to make some bad mixes
  11. I'm pissef off I always want the one who doesn't even giv two shits if I died tomix
  12. Wtf my man has lost the plot U need to seek medical help infamous log off n go doctors get urself some happy pills u silly lost sheep lool
  13. Lool mate I've not gone work I'm going to get coffee and piff then jumping back on it
  14. She has more character than ur whole family tree combined and u know it u and ag should form a crew .....both seem stressed
  15. Anyway I like to come on vip2 for jokes not to argue I will log off for a day
  16. Ur still hurt from 3 weeks ago wen I said I can't stand u get a grip
  17. I would like to go back kickboxing and train but u have to be superfit and age doesn't help I used to run for my school I think if it wasn't for me thinking I'm missing out with my mates I would be a world class athlete there's no doubt in that
  18. Ways ur postcode Or come Leicester I'll meet u slap u then send u bk on ur way Little poomplex
  19. Who are u tho any irrelevant weasle pissing off fonts is the highlight of you day bro Go get some Cheddar
  20. https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/a-week-of-american-hate-bombs-mailed-black-americans-executed-jews-slaughtered_us_5bd4cd3be4b055bc948c9805?guccounter=1&guce_referrer_us=aHR0cHM6Ly9tLmZhY2Vib29rLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_cs=zC1ameSBlApNV_JG_fjtlA
  21. me my brother and my cousins were on it all day yesturday going to play it now so sick
  22. Ag is like that little annoying shit on ur estate that always comes begging 50p
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