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  1. wtf at this topicWtf at the repliesWTf at the open talk about being a pedoWTF at that girls big fuk off breastthis cant b life
  2. nah never got bullied still my mom would of banged me if i did did i bully [trim] this is my playground and i play the bully[trim]nah on a real i never bullied fuk picking on the nerds of the school they help wid the homework and ting
  3. see this is how u greet new people the other geezer is an arse due to come bak in a couple days dig up some dirt then expose him nah i joke stillor am i
  4. lol this forum is dryback mountain anywaysi think i will go bak to lurkinggood day to u sir
  5. i dont think i am unoto see the rest of the forum u have to make a post i have made a postso when do i get to see the rest of the forumoh and making ppl post so they can use the forum is quite stupid but ok whatever
  6. well hello there i come on this forum and notice that i have to post first before i can read the topics so heres my post
  7. try this it worked for me when i had a similar problemgo to start on the desktopgo to run type in services.mscnow go all the way to messenger right click on it go properties then disable it then restart ur computer
  8. Bailey


    Mind if I ask why a MYSPACE link instead of just linkin whatever directly?new to forums dont know how to
  9. Bailey


    dont know if this thread is still going but its 4 in the morning and im bored so i might aswell drop a pic of me in this threadwww.myspace.com/bailey_wv
  10. www.myspace.com/bailey_wv
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