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  1. slackk


    There's an app called Weedmaps that will generally find you a dispensary where it's legal/decriminalised Pretty good for Spanish travelling, I've found.
  2. It's Victoria Atkins' husband. 45 acre grow https://www.clear-uk.org/victoria-atkins-mp-the-uk-drugs-minister-opposes-drugs-regulation-while-her-husband-grows-45-acres-of-cannabis-under-government-licence/
  3. Athenaeum is v hard to get into, though, unless you have a referral.
  4. Liverpool - Athenaeum, Artists Club, Noctua (think that's weekends only though)
  5. Woolwich is a shithole but that vietnamese place by the tesco is 10/10
  6. Not that this is particularly relevant but chips approach is so wrong
  7. The student rave scene is really wide open for grime right now but no MCs are really making those club tunes. Don't understand why no-one is trying to capitalise. The market is literally begging for it.
  8. There's one near Kew Gardens in the Syon Park hotel that'll cost you a bit over what you wanted but is out the way and the place is very good. Think they throw in a meal in the restaurant too http://www.londonsyonpark.com/Kallima-Spa Hotel used to be a Waldorf but is just a Hilton now. Nice place thougj
  9. slackk


    Been a few of those turning up along the road from Nunhead to Peckham (Nunhead Lane?) for a while now.Tbh the crowd going the bussey and that isn't as hipsterish (is that even a word) as your average dalston hipster at the moment but it might happen I guess. I hope it doesnt.
  10. slackk


    Frank's is the bar on top of the car park but it doesn't open until the summer. Really good views of London on a sunny day. Really there's just a little pocket of good pubs around Rye Lane station and the two clubs nearby- Bussey & Canavans up the road. Depends on your taste in music but some okay nights at both. Bar Storey, Victoria & Montpellier are good pubs but they're just pubs Not sure why there's a hype about it all of a sudden.
  11. slackk


    Freud's on Shaftesbury Avenue (Covent Garden end, past the Odeon on the other side). Little basement place, free pour on everything, Long Island comes in a f*ck*ng pint class. Best cocktail place round there by some distance.
  12. Don't know if you'd care but I wrote an article about Max B for Red Bull. I managed to get the court filings for the Appeal hearing and that, which you can find inside. http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/magazine/saga-of-max-b
  13. This is coming like some Talhotblonde sh*t at this point. Don't really post here much but it makes you wonder what he's been getting upto that you don't know about.
  14. Terrifying how old this bloke is Acts like a 12 year old with problems
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