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  1. lol do dat for a bunch of strangers dats madwe cant be that much of strangers of you if you spent 5hours of your life planning this topicbet man was there with powerpoint presentations, spider diagrams, postet notes and all sorts thinking he would reach level 10 prestige on vip2 but mans console caught the red circles of deathyou try too hard tbh
  2. lol @ me just reading the threadwas bussing up all the way tru.
  3. Not even gonna lie Frankie, if u wana rise through the ranks u gotta put work in. Might aswell do it...
  4. Gambino this calls for a vip2 ethnic background checkDo the honours. I'v had enough of making threads.
  5. No. More black people than white iirc.na fam, deres was a thread with a poll. I remember it was about 80%
  6. oh sh*t, ur an o.g. init :arrow: phailhuh? was a compliment still. was just saying the ting I was talking bout was a good 5/6 years ago... u been on dis ting from daythe f*ck you talking about fam?put the weed downthe f*ck you talking about fam?put the weed down
  7. *checks average post**checks date*snmfriday nigga, keep talking.
  8. oh sh*t, ur an o.g. init :arrow: phailhuh? was a compliment still. was just saying the ting I was talking bout was a good 5/6 years ago... u been on dis ting from day
  9. he can change his name but he'll still be the same, i dont get the point in doing this really just makes everyone think we have another new d*ckhead memberJust trying to help him out, he seems like a cool guy but one of dem people that always come up short in life.
  10. Frank the best advice I can give you is to.1. Re-Sign upyour forever gonna be everyones e-punching bag.edit- your just not cut out for this son. go on bebo or suttin
  11. sorry bruv but, FAIL.Unless your knee deep in the relationship your chick could be getting jooked by any Jermaine right now.
  12. lol, I was f*ck*ng about.. (the detroit story is true)but dem man got yonkers on smash. Styles killed one guy who try take his chain in 1998, bussed case on self defence. Sheeks certified... Jada i dunnoedit- my uncle was telling me bout a concert a few years back where Jada was in the crowd and someone try take his chain and sheek came out of no where, knocked a few guys out started whiling
  13. lol @ say no morewhat point u proving? dem man got run out of detroit by trick trick, can't go back or its a 187. snm
  14. U got one of dem Singaporean tings yh SUPER?
  15. boyyy.... can't fault game. dad was an o.g. mum was on dis ting (crip) he grew up in a crip neighbourhood. den moved to roll with his brother BIG FASE 100 and repped bloods. Obviously everyone says he was never on dis ting and can only rep blood cause his brothers a boss... it what it ishe gimme joke thou try say his Grandmother gave him his name (Game) den in one interview his brother said he got it from a wrestlerbrother also said he was never in a coma, and how he was out of hospital next day.
  16. From when I see dat, I was like 'f*ck abawwwwwwwwwt'. Should be sending the parents to pen
  17. Ang tyt u man http://www.wftv.com/news/16348047/detail.htmlits I.D season tbh. wanna be seeing the pinky or the passport
  18. Nuff topics on dis, I'm baffled.
  19. mR ReZiW


    wouldnt be very WISE would it.not at all wise tbh.edit- didn't even clock, sick guy.
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