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  1. just paid £12 membership for cifas probably the only good thing to come out of this ok im gonna go pick up my nephew and re evaluate my life haha
  2. lol Nah I swear you were talking madness to Zizouz about his situation unless I'm mistaken. no he was getting mugged off and didnt handle his sh*t in real life not saying i am superman at all but fighting and confronting people irl is complevely different to f*ck*ng up someones sh*t finacially
  3. already called my bank n gonna call some other places john doe you are out of order lol venom f*ck off
  4. fighting is one thing but talking about f*ck*ng up mans mums credit is f*cked and i have no shame in apologising if it means he will allow it that is real i dont care
  5. thats what what im saying only thing i ever done was ask to link man for a fight and that was way back when thought it was settled im baffled
  6. of course i dont want it!! lol i dont even know this guy this is all one way and when we were gonna link for beef i didnt give you a number i called the number you gave me i just dont want my mum involved simple
  7. no not even but i dont know why you are going to these lengths when i have not done you anything i would rather speak to you then go back n forth on a forum
  8. i dont hide why dont you inbox me your number clear your pms
  9. i dont hate my white side at all
  10. i dont even know the guy clear your inbox sleez
  11. let me live my life lol i have been humble on here for a long time
  12. haha i remember you upping that pic that is not where i reside lol
  13. parrist made those comments after those pics came about he was not predicting anything
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