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  1. macz

    Kodi / TVMC / XMBC - TV, Movie & Sport Streaming

    anyone got a better alternative to terrarium? seems to have gone down hill lately
  2. macz


    looks amazing man I'm getting so gassed
  3. macz


    sick, big up bro will note all that down. yeah man hit me up with the last one lol
  4. macz


    yeah like most places if not acting dumb and are aware should be cool. any recommendations whilst I'm out there?
  5. macz


    yeah that stadium bit sounds a bit dead, I've read they do a lot of parties in the blocks. I'm hearing about the pick pocketing quite a bit, one friend Im going with spoke to a guy at his work who goes out there quite often and has said if someone comes upto you asking for money just give it them. Not really feeling that tbh. But yeah we should be able to see them guys moving loose. been learning some basic portuguese thanks
  6. macz


    going out there for 2 weeks, spending most of our time in Rio, but then doing a couple of nights in Sao Paulo - we havent sorted flights or accom from Rio to Sao Paulo yet though If you got any places worth checking out (food, sight seeing etc) let me know
  7. macz


    anyone been brazil, specifically rio carnival and have any recommendations / tips etc
  8. macz

    FIFA 19

    any ps4 guys having trouble online? every couple of fifa minutes my guy freezes for a couple of seconds and then speeds up really fast I've done evrything with my internet, reset it, ran speed tests etc and still happening. didnt happen with fifa 18
  9. macz

    FIFA 19

    very reliable bro get it on day of release or sometimes get it a day before release, happened to me on several times
  10. macz

    New Season Kits

    anywhere I can cop the black one with mbappe on the back, Nike giving you the option but when go to check out aint having a bar of it
  11. macz

    FIFA 19

    i've pre ordered my copy comes 25th sept, but yeah I hear that. I didnt pick up Spider man but red dead an Smash Bros looking forward too.
  12. macz

    MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    bellator doing a 170 8 or 10 man tournament including MVP, Paul Daley & Rory Macdonald jeeeez
  13. learning portuguese as going brazil for carnival next year, using an app called duolingo which i find is pretty good
  14. macz

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    is there or will there be a remake for PS4 of the original?
  15. macz


    just come back from Barca, was live still. If anyones going, check out Abanik & Bodega 1900 for food, highly recommend but book beforehand dont just turn up