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  1. macz

    MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    bellator doing a 170 8 or 10 man tournament including MVP, Paul Daley & Rory Macdonald jeeeez
  2. learning portuguese as going brazil for carnival next year, using an app called duolingo which i find is pretty good
  3. macz

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    is there or will there be a remake for PS4 of the original?
  4. macz


    just come back from Barca, was live still. If anyones going, check out Abanik & Bodega 1900 for food, highly recommend but book beforehand dont just turn up
  5. macz


    looking to go brazil carnival next year, anyone been? any advice / recommendations?
  6. macz

    Outside London UK & Europe Clubbing

    barcelona recommendations?
  7. macz


    had it done about 10 years ago at Optical express, woke up the next morning my left eye was crystal clear, the right eye was still the same so went back that day and they sorted it there and then. still got 20/20 vision, but they did state it doesnt last forever...
  8. macz

    What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    yeah bro posted a pic of my beat up AM1s that I wear to work with holes in the sole lol
  9. macz

    Cheap Replica football shirts

    any decent sites? need to cop that Nigeria kit for the world cup, easy top 3 kits for a good 10 years, maybe more
  10. macz

    What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    got mine through the offspring insta raffle, picked up yesterday. Lovely in person. going for £500 last night on ebay
  11. macz


    going barcelona next month, any must dos? unfortunately barcelona are not playing at home that weekend but will fit in a nou camp tour
  12. macz

    The Nintendo Switch

    i played it for a little bit before zelda come, it was ok havent touched it since / that switch direct vid that came out other day wasnt all that tbh looking forward to donkey kong an smash bros
  13. macz

    The Nintendo Switch

    so i caved in a bought this the other day...I know i'm late but Zelda is unreal got mario kart & super mario odyssey, any other games worth getting?
  14. seeing them for like £250+, was just looking at amazon fire HD 8, decent price but is it good enough for what I need
  15. easy lads, just want a tablet to use for when I'm working nights and its quiet to watch films an shit on showbox. I'll download what I need at home on wifi so wont need one which requires data (dont have access to wifi at work), so dont need a top of the range one, dont really want to spend anymore than £100-£150 any recommendations?