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  1. iPhone

    anyone else getting issues after updating to 11.0.3? my phone randomly freezes for 2-10 minutes, people cannot hear me when making or receiving calls but can hear me when facetime
  2. FIFA 18

    mines not bad, chemistry aint all that vardy mbappe castillo (need to upgrade him) gotze rafinho dembele (barca) alba tah howedes carpa (sp) moya then my other team i'm trying to turn it in to a prem team defoe sturridge some lw cant remember his name but needs upgrading golovkin partey zaha kolasanic mustafi kasabele aurier moya
  3. PC Gaming/General PC topic

    any alternatives to browsec, not allowing me to get onto warez
  4. Skrapz

    anyone got links or a discography of hist latest tapes, last one I listened to was 80s baby. I've been slackin hard
  5. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

    I got it, played the first one for quite a while got quite far and then the nostalgia ran out so traded it in yeahh boy at times it was, dont remember it being that tough back in the day
  6. FIFA 18

    add me to the club not been on here for a few weeks
  7. FIFA 18

  8. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

    i cancelled the order after reading the reviews an watching some youtube vids, not looking anywhere near good as the older games. visually its nice but the modes and features are poor
  9. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

    @Vtec https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/gran-turismo-sport-limited-edition-gt-sport-dualshock-4-controller-7486-delivered-shopto-2792565

    trust me bubbalicious brunch at the Westin Hotel is the one, you wont be disappointed but book in advance. can be fully booked like 6 wks ahead http://www.blueorangedubai.com/en/bubbalicious-brunch
  11. FIFA 18

    yeah I'll be about for clubs every one needs to grab a mic though
  12. FIFA 18

    mad man lol
  13. FIFA 18

    bruv, why lol