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  1. NO. f*ck*ng. WAY. Dempsey>>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. Happy birthday mate, have a good one / "Its your round, my Lord, Its your round!"
  3. When i have kids, ill let them support whoever they choose. But if they want to be clothed n fed, they WILL support villa. I will ram it into their heads as they grow up. Ive got no qualms using emotional blackmail as well. "Son, im sorry but only villa fans get xmas presents. I probably shouldve mentioned this before" My dad didnt raise a glory hunter, and neither will i.
  4. MOCKERY the guy in the background is dying Bwahahahahaha! GOOD! Aint the 1st time hes been injured by a villan as well TTKK
  5. Is lurking directly behind you...... BOO!

  6. anti social


    Teachers get moved to NOW as it is. It would open up a whole legal argument as well cause lets face it.... its still assault.
  7. Bad em up bad em up bad em up onceIf you wanna come n take man 4 a dunceIve been on da grind forr a hundred months And i aint stopped doing this ting not once.
  8. Please believe me, its not a tingWe roll deep from east 2 north 2 north weezyIm lookin at the situation real close And i realize none of u niggerz aint sleazy
  9. Death by dangerous driving. They seem to kill people and get the most shortest sentences its unreal.
  10. I swear i read somewhere that Nas is now paying more child support than Diddy n 50 Cent combined. Harsh if true.
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