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  1. not that one there was another skinny(er) chick think he took her to Barcelona think her names stephanie or something?
  2. these memes are too much you lot are ruthless
  3. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/geordie-stroke-victim-wakes-up-with-jamaican-accent-406552.html
  4. i swear there was one woman from liverpool who woke up with a jamaican accent?
  5. My dear I got good reason to. ooooh
  6. lol i do only have half a face i come like two face from batman mr jibbles thats no way to talk about your bitch you know..
  7. didnt really think about it tbh.my older brother is lighter than me and had 2 kids with a white woman ,his kids ended up darker than him.my son is darker than meyou can never guarantee what colour your baby will come out,tbh who really cares?
  8. today-in southampton dropping my son at his grandparents for the weekendsaturday- baby free and out somewhere yet to be decided in london with some friends.i dont like to go out as much now that im a mummy so its a huge event when i do! sunday-recovering
  9. Messy


    females who refer to other females as slags are genrally slags themselves try again
  10. Messy


    all i know is theres one slag that lives there that i would love to knock the f*ck out
  11. besides ive been told i look like a cabbage patch doll by marcusits all jest
  12. it was me that said she looked like a furby i didnt specifically say black furby if i rmember rightlytryna steal my witits not only females that comment in this way,you males comment on other males so whats the difference?im far from vain and im sure people comment on my flaws this is why i feel to comment on others pictures,i think those that dont show their own faces but comment sameway are the ones that shouldnt really comment
  13. £195 vip tickets =£100 from me hollaifyour interested
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