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  1. mad how people will pretend they give a shit about kids and the sanctity of life or whatever if its gays or that who are involved
  2. i must say although my reposting on this forum after a year or so hasn't been met with must positivity, it's nice to be challenged again, don't really get that in my liberal echo chamber, so it's all good tbh
  3. we are laymen, if i have the gumption to admit i'm not an expert in any of this i would expect you, as someone who has treated this argument with civility so far, to do the same but if you want to go on like a know it all that's you, just makes you look fucking stupid is all / it's funny, i actually don't even remember writing that article, just another piece of garbage in the giant content mill that got me beer money when i was starting out as a writer if you're gonna bang for the culture vulture argument then maybe produce something more recent than the last world cup, or are all your references as facile and petty as the ones you put forth in the last few pages
  4. i'm assuming you mean can't* in your second line and based on that no they currently aren't but your entire argument is predicated on your belief that without the proper data and stats backing up whether surrogacy for homo parents is a 100% beneficial thing for the child and/ or 'society' you would rather it didn't happen, so you would in theory stop people having children because it could have an undesirable outcome, which is a bit like eugenics you can't 'debunk' what i'm saying because what we're talking about is a matter of opinion - these things exist and happen whether we talk about them here or not. if you don't Believe that it should be allowed because it's not tried and tested that's fine, i'm of the opposite opinion, but you're not the leading thought in this field you're a layman like me. my arguments throughout this conversation have been logical and as far as i can see i'm the only one who has brought up statistic that actually already exist, you're the only one making arguments based on boogieman theories on things that have yet to happen
  5. in this respect i fear you get into a kind of eugenics argument - is a group, based on data, fit to have children? there are parts of our society that are statistically (often through no fault of their own i.e impoverished due to a variety or reasons, marginalised etc) more likely to produce people who commit crime or have mental health problems or whatever but again these are societal problems and have no bearing on a person's right to bear children, which i've already said i personally believe is not forfeited if they're gay and that @smaddy i can see why you say that, does come off haughty, i just meant that some people's attitudes are 'i'm alright jack fuck everyone else if they can't make it' which i don't believe in
  6. just say black culture why are you pussyfooting around with this 'afro caribbean ancestry' shit, it doesn't make you sound smarter i've hardly centred my life around black culture so i don't really understand where this is coming from tbh, not sure what it's based on? think it's just soggy memories from salty people
  7. if eating a bit of jerk chicken and listening to a dancehall track 3 times a year is being a culture vulture then guilty as charged
  8. i think the 'caucasian afrocentric' thing came from a thread(s) where i was trying to say how i feel black people do not have a fair scratch even in modern society and theres oppression blah blah blah and the vip2 conservative party contingent thought i was smoking the peace pipe cuz they'd managed to get a mid management level job doing executive data entry or something i myself am largely uninterested in afro carib culture aside from generic food and music etc
  9. my family are not into afro caribbean cultures i'll tell you that for free
  10. no ironically im as much of a vanilla str8 lad as it's basically possible to be, dont like fingers up the jacksie or any of that
  11. without wanting to be too pretentious i see most/ all of these issues as a part of 'human nature' and don't think one or the other goes against some code of human behaviour that has to be adhered to under the guise of it being 'natural' i find it more interesting than perverse, it makes me want to understand why, which for me is the logical and tbh moral standpoint. dont really want to be like da luv doc, a man who i've noticed has been roundly mocked on this forum ever since i joined and gets treated with the same respect as a dog shit bin in a park
  12. also it's biological AND social because we are social creatures. nothing we do is 100% based on instinct and animalism because we're intelligent, we have emotions and memories, so sure there's being 'broody' and 'baby crazy' but there are a number of social elements that could make you want to bear children also
  13. no, but one man can use his sperm to fertilise an egg and two men can raise the child that comes from it where's the issue?
  14. also there are many complex reasons people have children that stretch far beyond the (ironically quite childish) argument that it's only there to 'further the species' on some richard dawkins shit. by the same maxim that's the only reason we have sex, which we all know isn't true
  15. would you agree that someone can be gay and still feel the pang of biology telling them to foster children, as clearly must be the case with the many same sex couples seeking to adopt or surrrogate etc being a homosexual doesn't negate all your other supposedly 'natural' biological traits e.g desire for procreation, it just means you don't want to fuck women if you're a man or men if you're a woman. and if this is the case, why should you have to forfeit your biological right to sire a child from your own seed (even if the mother is a surrogate)? it would be much the same if the mother disappeared after childbirth and the dad shacked up with a breh afterwards, except less sad and depressing than that. ultimately i think that we as humans have a few intrinsic rights regardless of our sexual orientation or what have you and one of those is the right to have children if you so desire it. if tom daley and this other bloke wanna shove their nut in some woman getting paid 30k for it or however much it is i say let em do it
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