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  1. just cause u use hyperbole it don't mean you're making sense
  2. song is our playmaker sn
  3. i dnt like action films too tough safehouse gets a 6
  4. kim ann foxman - creature
  5. so what im active an im rapping they already know the damn thing...
  6. phonecharger - reasonable doubt
  7. there hard only di droppars know i thought this myself, then i considered the laces
  8. sorry this post made me crease took it there ye getting fired on saturday or sunday, i aint even mad just getting those man down bars ready for the meeting
  9. Trilliam

    That Guy...

    just to add more. if u like the chick and ur not just looking for a link or w/e is it still "slimey" to be saying these things
  10. Trilliam

    That Guy...

    obviously thats bitch boy behaviour how would u respond then bane didnt understand that last bit
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