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  1. Terrarium>>> it's basically showbox on juice.
  2. Axiom

    Young Thug

    thugga's choice in musical direction is dope, feeling how he's experimenting with a lot of different sounds. new tape is too too sick but i fear that he will fade into memory fast if he doesn't do something for the masses soon. the only really poppin single he put out recently was a feature and was basically claimed by travis.
  3. asides from wanna know, i haven't heard a decent song from this fella. he is mediocrity in the truest sense of the word, lyrically and sonically. seems like any man in grime can go far now if they make a few words rhyme and have a professional aura. more power to the young don tho, milk it while you can.
  4. cs tokyo was like utopia or anime/manga fans. it's a shame that the 24/7 manga lounges didn't have any translated books otherwise i would of posted up in there for a day. / man like haze, gattsu, badman, and heero. pure og's in here, good to see the dons are still around. hope you're all living good. / haven't been too plugged into the scene for the last few years. just been onto the bait stuff. cleared through attack on titan season 2 finally, FUCKING FIRE, but far too short of a season, the gap between 1st season and 2nd season had me fuming. i'm considering picking up the manga instead, worth it? wasn't crazy about the naruto ending, i thought they could of done better with the sasuke fight but overall i was satisfied. boruto seems decent, but will let the eps build up and watch later. few eps into rurouni no kenshin recently, decent so far. might go the distance on it.
  5. Axiom

    D Double E

    lets be honest here d double e's lyrical ability and speech impediment is what made him so sick. but i don't know how you would market a guy that says signal as "sig-aaahhh-nuulll". that said i still think he is a prime example of grime's distinctiveness. word play and delivery over lyrical content, can make for a sick ceremonial master. grime's golden era was about the most entertaining mc, the new stuff is more bars and flow. in a similar vein, shouts to pres t, he doesn't get enough props. / one i don't get is when i hear dons talking about crazy T like he is a living legend, i proper don't get it - i was watching the scene while he was about and at the time he didn't seem like he had that trajectory. nor would i class him as a legend.
  6. i think p's already won this from liars in the booth, whole thing was just riddled with skeletons we could go back and forth on whose diss was better "lyrically", but most beefs on wax come down to who can put out the most stories to hurt the other side in an entertaining way, and for me p money did that perfect. although dot got him on that women beater-ish.
  7. lol this fully sounds like the same setup as taz angels media just getting on to kelz cause of his pisstory
  8. Axiom

    Bioshock: Infinite

    super fucked i'm still wrapping my head around it, been reading articles and shit http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2013/03/27/an-attempt-to-understand-bioshock-infinites-brilliant-and-bizarre-ending/ the comments offer some insightful opinions too come like the lost ending, except it's not shit and they answered everything so yeah it's nothing like the lost ending oh and this is the best game ever, fuck every other fps
  9. got it on saturday morning (shopto>) played through atleast 10 chapters.....restarted from a checkpoint and my game froze on a loading screen. reset my ps3 and the save data was corrupted f*ck*ng sh*t stained bastards. looked around on the net and apparently the corrupted saves is a common problem with this game. back your sh*t up brah. aside from that it's an excellent game but i couldn't help but feel it was missing something that it's predecessor's had. gonna start again on expert and see how i fare
  10. Axiom

    clear your inbox pls

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      i tried to send a message but it says your inbox is still full

  11. yo revs clear your inbox pls
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    in a bucket but i'm feeling presidential
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    ab-soul's been cold from day
  14. strong c/s. you gotta make these kind of conversations the norm from early. my girl knows i'm about my fitness, i'm always trying to improve my health and going on about carbs protein etc. so she always tells me when i've put on muscle or fat. shes on the thick side of things, so things can get peak for her very quickly if she eats sh*t. i noticed that she was eating quite a lot of rubbish/eating out a lot recently. it's only one day when she came over wearing a new pair of red jeans that i noticed how fat she'd gotten, was looking at her like look at this indulgent walrus rolling all over my bed i was just staring at her and i said, you've gotten fat, maybe you should tone it down on the sh*t food? she basically didn't speak to me until the morning after that. but it was worth it she started going to the gym every other day banging cardio and eating healthy again. hope that sh*t lasts
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