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  1. Neo

    RIP My Uncle.

    Sprry t hear that man, R.I.P.
  2. Neo


    Man probably just got merked by serious because he made out to be thisBut was really this
  3. Neo


    His face there really looks like he is eyeing the next mans food.Lookin across to the other table thinkin "when that nigga slides off to the toilet, ima knock out his bitch and bounce wit the plate"
  4. I've never had a drink.
  5. Neo


    I am of the opion that (ON PRINCIPLE)If a man hits me, it is a FIGHT.If a woman hits me, that means she is prepared to fight me, so she takes what comes with it.If she cant take the beating & rape that i deal out afterwards, dont start the physical stuff.That is basically what I think should happen, that any woman who hits a man (without good enough reason) deserves a bang back.BUTTTTTTTTTTTT.That is in theory.I would never actually hit a woman, even though they DO deserve it for whatever reason.I am never in a situation in my life where I am gonna be threateneded physically by a woman, so i never need to use force against her.
  6. On a level though, noone gets my sh*t but me.I'd be incensed by the actuall cheek of someoen trying to rob me.Why do they think that sh*t can run? nahh.Would pull something on them real quick, or just f*ck them up barehand.Even its stupid numbers (5+) Then running could be considered as an option but I'd probably have to take the beating stillI'd just make sure i cripple ONE of them at least.Thing is, I guess they assume they can get me sh*t cuz im scared?ppft, Im a man, not some 14 y/o, isnt gonna happen, anyone who tried it would catch a bang to the jaw.R.I.P. The Jacker.
  7. I know too too tooo toooo many brehs like this.Girls too actually.All I can say is the levels are way below sea levelDid you tell this guy WHY he is a prick?As in the facebook/myspace sh*t, the fact that he is cheating & is a wasteman etc...?I'd like to hear what he would say when confronted with this.it seems these kind of people are rarely given a dose of reality..
  8. On a level, that question made me lol for quite a bit.Like you suddenly wake up to find yourself being jacked.Seriously though, if someone try come up to me and ask for my sh*t and pull out a knife I would honestly be like, YOU CALL THAT A KNIFE?!THIS IS A f*ckING KNIFE YOU PRICKThey know what time it is.
  9. Neo


    Them pars there.
  10. Any white girl tryna have black characteristics.
  11. Yes but only through PM's apparently.BUt Yea, justin thought the next girl was Miss Jay I think.When it appears that MS Jay is infact, Bully.
  12. Them saying 'here' instead of there people thereThem s there.
  13. It means they listen to too much chrisbrown/usher/bow wow, and need to come off using any type of slang.u kl b?
  14. Apparently he was the next chick.Yea..But who did he think he was having a 3some with? seriouss and a next girl? or seriouss and justin?He didnt htink he was having a 3some with anyone apparently.THEY thought they were having a 3some with him
  15. Neo


    Sorry J but that was lmao material
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