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  1. Lethaldabizzle2008

    Match Day 6 - Bel-Alg / Brazil-Mex / Rus-SKR

    I missed the last 60 of the Argentina game. Fail.
  2. Lethaldabizzle2008

    Happy Fathers day

    I will cycle everywhere in 2025 if it means having a better life for my girl. Simple as that. Yeah i get ya about not being an actual single parent. U have to get the job done and take responsibility even if u hate each other.
  3. Lethaldabizzle2008

    Happy Fathers day

    My girl stops at mine 3 nights a week. I am a single parent
  4. Lethaldabizzle2008

    Happy Fathers day

    Not even read the rest of the thread but i hope everyone jumped on this. Im a dad whos not with the mother of my kid, i work 50 hours a week and cycle everywhere in order provide for my girl! Big up all the single parents! Not single mothers....
  5. Lethaldabizzle2008

    Michael Schumacher :(

    Good to hear this. I highly doubt he will ever be the same tho.
  6. Lethaldabizzle2008

    D Day 70th Anniversary

    Rip to all the fallen soldiers! War should never happen but it always will.
  7. Lethaldabizzle2008

    Nottingham - London by bike!

    Cheers boys. Just got a reply from Arsenal. Said that if i make it they will let me n for the game free, and get a photo pitchside on my bike. Niceeee.
  8. Lethaldabizzle2008

    Nottingham - London by bike!

    Pretty much more of a personal challenge. But thought to raise money too. Why not.
  9. Lethaldabizzle2008

    Nottingham - London by bike!

    Chose the arsenal foundation seems as im riding to the emirates. Hopefully they will get behind it somehow.
  10. Lethaldabizzle2008

    Nottingham - London by bike!

    Yes people! Some of you will probably laugh but im doing it anyway ha. Im aiming to get to the emirates the morning of the first game of the season. no stop overs, only be stopping for food, drinks and photo opportunities. Ive been raising money for 2 days now and managed £630 already, the place i work on a daily will be matching what i raise and i have been in touch with The Arsenal to see if they can do anything. The route ill be taking will be 143 miles. if u wanna donate then ill link you with the relevants! ive got a just giving page, gonna get my boys on the delivery bikes to be handing shit out and ill get this shit running through the company i work for to get donations. What do you guys think? Any ideas to help me raise funds? Any one gonna be at the first game? (hopefully its at home or ill be putting it back a week)....
  11. Lethaldabizzle2008

    Players who stole a living

    Didnt 'Bents' score the first goal at the new Wembley?
  12. Lethaldabizzle2008

    day that your life changed

    The moment i found out my girl was pregnant and shit got real, then the day my daughter was born simply one of the greatest moments of a mans life!
  13. Lethaldabizzle2008


  14. Lethaldabizzle2008

    2014 vip2 census

    Yeah local that was me. Its going ok not as good as i first thought it would but still glad i started. Got two guys who basically run fresh food to five village pubs on a weekly basis. Veg boxes, potatoes, bread etc. There was not really n e people in the city centre who needed my service but the village pubs love it. Makes a lil p for me on the side and i really dont do n e thing. Wasnt quite the world beating company i thought it could be but still.
  15. Lethaldabizzle2008

    2014 vip2 census

    Place called Nurseryman bro.