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    niiiiice one
  2. Jungle bunnies kill newlywed

    how sadr.i.p
  3. Its Begun

    flying cuntsblew smoke in one coming in my directionit kinda u-turned
  4. Music you were brought up on

    dancehall/reggaehip hop - nwa, grandmaster flash, slick rick, kurtis blow etcsoul drum n bass / jungle (ragga)my parents were koooool lol
  5. Jodie Marsh

    wasnt this posted a few months bk?either way i still want her house and everything in it... apart from her blonde extensions...
  6. Them Fazes u went through

    punk - dad hated me for thatgrime headthen i grew up and became a "normal" nine to fiver and have no energy to find/discover my individualism so i stick to basic/classic everything
  7. Fail tbh

    oh dayum
  8. Which ringtone u got?

    everyone nose
  9. Eviction 6; spoiler - who goes?

    get that siren mouthed whore out of big brother!
  10. Free BB tickets

    just got my confirmation for the tickets!wooooo!friday 1st!i hope someone i hate gets booted out so i can hurl abuse at them
  11. The Official 'I/ You Won't Put Me Down' Thread

    just get a nine to five you f*ck*ng bumjesusx
  12. Tourist killed by peeing on live train track

    was just reading this on metro websitea lesson to all really
  13. 2 tracksuit bottoms....tracksuit bottoms under jeans......

    guy im seeing does this went to the park for a picnic on sunday and he was complaining hes hot dumb ass
  14. Eviction 6; spoiler - who goes?

    bye bye mo...
  15. Highlights and Eviction Show Thread

    there goes her jobhell even her family must have packed up and left for spain by now