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  1. Ranieri on the Falcao transfer "I followed at Porto James Rodriguez and Jackson Martinez. Then Rybolovlev said to me: "Don't you fancy Falcao?" " random spare 50 mil ya kno faak
  2. anyone got one of them "pass maps" for Lennon, swear he wasted literally every key touch jeez
  3. you can't do well in Ligue 1 without a proper defence & goalie and theirs.. i dunno plus the psg foreigners didn't necessarily come in and started spraying straight away, they will need to adjust and some time to gel too totally random but i see one of their stars get a bad injury middle of september, if thats Falcao they dead im not worried cosing about Ranieri though, no idea what made Rybolovlev think he's the man pmsl
  4. Gianelli Imbula for 7m to OM with Payet 8m & Benjamin Mendy 2m this transfer window looking veery nice I must say. if the outgoings (there must be some soon I'm afraid, would be too good) are replaced as wisely I fully believe Monaco will finish below us. if Imbula & Mendy are all that I've read obv.
  5. we've been like that since september though. actually come to think of it we've been like that pretty much all the time I can remember, maybe bar Gerets era. and Andre is not the same since the shoulder injuries/surgery, was all about running at defenders before, but these days he never gets involved. always thought he would do a better job in the middle, specially now. if we only had someone to fill in on the left @up - no, if you believe L1 works half as rationally as other leagues.
  6. so undeserved. in these circumstances it would be very much in Ligue 1's style if Brest shat on us tomorrow. they going on five straight losses, it's only two decent defenders & the only three creative (big word when speaking about that team though) midfielders are out of squad & it's best goalscorer who has 6 goals more than the next one is playing for Toulouse since winter. OM in full strength & with majority of players in form. yeah, we definitely getting slapped now.
  7. Mounier the prick should have been on a hattrick by now ffs
  8. big_barz


    apparently that assist has been Gervinho's fourth accurate cross in a Arsenal shirt. 4th out of 64 attempts...
  9. i fully well know capoue is fucked and could realy do a job for us atm, it's the two guys on twitter who ive got no idea about. dont wanna get the hopes up eitherway but still
  10. who are these two, credible much? can i get hyped or it's another one of them ones
  11. he's dece, but nah it aint normal when he's the best assist provider llow me now Kabore on the other hand though I'm not sure has played more than 5 good games in the last 5 years at Marseille. can't tackle AT ALL & even though majority of his passes are either sideways or backwards he still manages to misplace about half of them. truly awful awful player
  12. from time I see Burkina's playmaker is man like Charlie Kabore AND he's the assists table joint leader (along with Mikel) AND apparently he's a major contender for the MVP of the whole tournament that's how I know African football is in proper deep shit RIP
  13. Remy crocked for the rest of the season. so if the french reports were correct re: him being free agent in case of QPR's relegation, thats 90k wages, 9 mill transfer fee & nearly 3 mill of other payments for playing 2 games. 'Arry & that asian breh>>>>>>>>>>>
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