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  1. MERRRY XMAS HOES!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. low it fam, yur on some neeky juelz santana swag
  3. i feel wat yur doin brah, any chance of a mixtape dropping 4th quarter?
  4. what kinda question is that brah? wud rather give to a good cause then mony hungry fucker aaron
  5. I ENJOYED HIS ACTING, Y U NEG ME BROS COZ U SOUNDING MAD GAY WITH THIS REQUEST i though bein gay was being attracted to the same sex
  6. some one make a best of kano vid for top boy
  7. plz get yur mum to sign up, so i can neg her for giving birth to u
  8. holdtight bashy, but looking a lil crackish on that cover.
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