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  1. MERRRY XMAS HOES!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. low it fam, yur on some neeky juelz santana swag
  3. i feel wat yur doin brah, any chance of a mixtape dropping 4th quarter?
  4. what kinda question is that brah? wud rather give to a good cause then mony hungry fucker aaron
  5. I ENJOYED HIS ACTING, Y U NEG ME BROS COZ U SOUNDING MAD GAY WITH THIS REQUEST i though bein gay was being attracted to the same sex
  6. some one make a best of kano vid for top boy
  7. plz get yur mum to sign up, so i can neg her for giving birth to u
  8. holdtight bashy, but looking a lil crackish on that cover.
  9. a stack/rack is a grand WHATS UR POINT fackin ell looooooooool
  10. not funny mate, try again yh?
  11. not funny mate, try again yh?
  12. this most of these man are sendouts in there ends so use uni as there place to make a proper name for themselves truss c/s
  13. not everyone some humans have a thing called CLASS have u heard of that? so now abstaining from going to a coach rave means you have class / at the failed mc who cant imagine me being in a rave hark! online usuer cannot visualise another online user in a dance is this what u think about at night tbh u shouldnt be imagining me in any scenario nah but them raves are tramps or youts, how old are u bruv?
  14. not everyone some humans have a thing called CLASS have u heard of that?
  15. how about you go to a coach party/a riot instead of sitting in ur boxers typing shit and see wtf iam on about a death in one of these raves always was bound to happen set unis ALWAYS come to cause trouble and guess what its always the nigarghhs wid de fundz i bet u hvnt even been to a coach rave, jus watch the videos on youtube n comment SMH
  16. what the fuck is a "sale" niggah?
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