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  1. Unfortunately not, she is very much a white woman and is very much serious with this nonsense. The blog has her pics on it aswell, she mistakenly thinks shes hilarious
  2. My parents been together 36 years straight. THIRTY. SIX. YEARS! Grandparents together 60 years straight. :!:
  3. My fiancee has become obsessed with attaining a rabbit, I dont care for any animals to be honest, but whatever makes her happy. So she is on this rabbit forum, reading up about them etc and she comes across a white woman who owns a black rabbit and has this as her signature: This woman has a blog about her 'ethnic bunny': Carlton Jamal, the life of an Ethnic Bunny http://carltonjamal.blogspot.com/ With more pics: And with quotes referencing the black rabbit as being an "illegal immigrant", references to it having ''notty hair' etc, amongst others. Now, I'm all for a
  4. Sad, but true. These hooray henrys, from a small pool of the british aristocracy and upper echeleons of the establishment, maintain many of the positions of power and seemingly always will do...
  5. Asian yutes starting up on sky news, father of the asian breh who was mown down by that car last night told them to shut up & go home
  6. bare man just showboating tbhALIEguys like 8ball coming telling people theyll get bodied on road cos of this. Lmao @ any of them patel & singh man trying to act like they are so above this, when plenty of their sikh sons were out looting on road
  7. Notts & Wolves going off apparently, arsonists are having a field day
  8. Lmfao, I think the 'met police' need a swift re-education in the correct use of grammar
  9. lol i was just WAITING for him to say it, the sky reporter was trying to push him to say it aswell..
  10. cant stand this po-faced prick mark stone on sky news now
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