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  1. I don't know how you top INS on Triumph lol. But this is 3000's best verse ever shatap
  2. What are these albums and what favourites are you alluding to?
  3. & I was telling my cousin folks generally see the West Coast as Death Row + NWA Once you get past that and discover Compton's Most Wanted, Above The Law, Dove Shack, Spice fucking 1, Kam, Mac Mall ... you will hear some of the greatest hip hop music. I myself slept for too long I'm so ashamed
  4. One of my favourite discographies in Hip Hop, my favourite rapper/producer and also just producer. Not one bad album from 1991-now and his 90s run was ELITE. Quik embodies West Coast music and took G-Funk places like no other. I'll recommend Quik Is The Name, Safe + Sound, Rhythmalism as an introduction to Quik. Then Way 2 Fonky and Balances and Options, which is almost on par with the first three. All the later albums still add to the conversation and must be heard, they contain gems ... his first 6-7 albums are simply amazing and is essential Hip Hop listening Safe + Sound could se
  5. Jam


    Prevent the RISE OF A "MESSIAH" who could unify, and electrify, the militant black nationalist movement. Malcolm X might have been such a "messiah;" he is the martyr of the movement today. Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael and Elijah Muhammed all aspire to this position. Elijah Muhammed is less of a threat because of his age. King could be a very real contender for this position should he abandon his supposed "obedience" to "white, liberal doctrines" (nonviolence) and embrace black nationalism. Carmichael has the necessary charisma to be a real threat in this way. http://www.whatreallyhap
  6. This is a very mad statement. Safe + Sound?
  7. DJ Quik > Dr Dre / First page is a bloodbath lmao
  8. Jam

    Funk and Soul

    Funk has gradually become my mandatory pre-drink music. The melodies, harmonies, bass lines and bridges >>> _____ You have to play these LOUD. And drink Wray
  9. "Just read a magazine that fucked up my day" Last year, Mr Justice Holman gave her assets totalling more than £3.3 million — enough to stay living in Kensington and Chelsea with their two children —and £370,000 a year in maintenance. But Mrs Fields, who was Miss World University 1990, now claims she is not being paid enough to fund her lifestyle in the future, saying her ex-husband can afford to double this part of his payment to her. Mr Fields admitted being generous to his fifth wife, and said he spent close to his limits during their marriage. Mrs Fields moved to Lo
  10. Lol real rap / My last first "date" was yoga & I spent all but £3 Restaurant first date is proper regression for me right now. Would rather we both go shopping and cook
  11. Rae & Ghost on the 25th this month... tickets left Robert Glasper in November Mos Def in October Maxwell & Mary J in October The Godfather Roy Ayers in December
  12. Athletics Men's high jump Qualifications Today 00:30 Athletics Women's 400m Semi-finals · Semi-final 1 Today 00:35 Athletics Women's 400m Semi-final
  13. Jam

    Round of 16

    Fam I'm actually in tears
  14. This song is crazy... listening to this album, the vibes from this is refreshing.
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