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  1. Lads My girl is in Barcelona and just got her phone stolen, she only got it a couple of days ago but has no insurance, what are the options? Still sign up with protectmybubble and do a claim?
  2. Honestly hope this is some viral campaign for It
  3. Cafe Pacifico. Don't let the location put you off. It's well disguised so it isn't chocka with tourists.
  4. Why's Logan so salty on twitter?
  5. Yeah Wiz just ethered everyone
  6. PMSL Eski must be fuming they didn't get the Drake connect
  7. Stuck this on about half 10 and it's been trash. Pure pop dubs. This Eski one is cringe now. Logan stays having that crackhead cough as well. Every time the cameras on him he's coughing.
  8. Yeah, used to meet up with the lads who worked at different firms in and around the area and go the butchers then a beer next door on lunch The place opposite it though, Smithfield, is fucking garbage
  9. Agreed Kinda seems like hoeish behaviour too
  10. Recommendations on where to stay in Leeds? Gonna be 6 lads. *edit* Shit, was after the bigger thread of the same title
  11. Gordon Gekko


    Nice one for the heads up. Will keep an eye on the page for a reup
  12. Gordon Gekko


    That tune bangs. I'm into the hoody as well
  13. Just watched Green Room and it is fantastic. Saulnier has mad 3 great, arguably classic, films on the spin and still doesn't get the deserved mainstream acclaim
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