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  1. I think I've actually regressed since getting back to uni So in an effort to try and use my time better I'm cutting myself off VIP. Peace.
  2. Dubby

    Flashed 360

    I just burned it on max (6x) on ImgBurn and it seems to have worked, just verifying now. Safe for the help.
  3. Dubby

    Flashed 360

    'cause in all the tutorials it says 2.4x is recommended
  4. Dubby

    Academic Thread

    thanks for reading
  5. Dubby

    Flashed 360

    FIFA12 has failed twice. Verbatim DVD+R DLs, 2.4x writing speed, LayerBreak=1913760 on the .DVD file. CloneCD. NFO says "SplitVid, SSv2, and verified with abgx360!" Bah!
  6. Dubby

    Academic Thread

    £330 pm / Hasn't properly sunk in that its 3rd year yet. Haven't been too proactive or really started feeling the pressure yet.
  7. lol @ you guys tiptoeing around the subject trying your best not to drop a 'nohomo' worthy comment, lets move on swiftly
  8. thank you this was all I needed
  9. dubstar why are u trying to portray this ganster image for de forams we love u and accept you for who u are the mixraced neek from bristol What gangster image is this? I'm just asking what weed to buy. Sheeeit.
  10. http://donaeo.bandcamp.com/album/indigo-child
  11. I'm a neek for coming into a smoking thread and asking what to smoke and how much it should cost?
  12. I didn't come here for ridicule. I came here for recommendation.
  13. Aite.. I need some education 'cause I never used to cop n the people who did aren't about no more. What strains should I be lookin for? How much should it cost me?
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