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  1. Booking : http://www.dominicangetaway.com/ for this memorial weekend any 1 been to DR before? I Done Cancum Last year with Cancun Jumpoff was a MADNESS!
  2. How much deposit did you put down? I am guessing it was quite high for your defaults to not be a factor I basically have the same and a mortgage advisor told me to go away, clear it off then wait a year before trying.... No Deposit Didn’t need one. Loan To Value Ratio is 50%, which is probably why defaults got overlooked. Also with the Ratio being that low you also get better Interest rates (Mines 2.35%) All you need to pay for is your legal fees also know as the conveyancing
  3. Anybody that lives in council/ social housing should consider exercising their Right To Buy. At the moment discounts as high as £100k. just purchased my property from the council, No deposit at 50% of the valuation price. Just to add your credit does not have to be impeccable for you to get a mortgage. I had 2 defaults and my mortgage went through swiftly with no real drama. a Mortgage advisor will tell you they are so many different factors to consider when trying to mortgage a house i.e Deposit, Loan to Value Rate, Affordability , Dependants etc etc . End of the day banks make a lot of profit from mortgages so turning everybody down for every little things makes no sense at all. As long as they feel you can afford it they will sell it to you. http://mortgageadvisers.which.co.uk/ Are good. Give you free advice find you a mortgage they feel you can get. Only get charged when your ready to make the application for the mortgage which they do on your behalf cost me £99 but I think its £200 now.
  4. Fact ur girl wants to go Miami with her girls means u lost already
  5. Gods Son


    Me and my guys used to do most smashed in a calendar year 35 is the most iv ever put away in the space of 12 months and also your not a rated guy unless ur in the "100 club"
  6. Alot of times iv gone to buck females iv thought the situation was mad bookie, more time its just paranoia. If you aint got dons out there actually looking for u, or ur a shotter gotta ask yourself why a girl would try set you up. Especially if you drew it fair and square (ie not on POF or facebook)
  7. Does anyone have any information on PRINCE 2 Qualifications or ITIL? any one gained these? did they help you progress if so what field?
  8. So back in the day man was going school calling random teacher Sir and Mr & Mrs .... Then going home and calling there parents first names like say there your friend!
  9. Yep my dads brother married to some Irish woman brough her to my brothers wedding pictures are hilarious! Pure affs and a random middle aged white woman
  10. Nope Code aint valid anymore
  11. Little bet i put on this morning £5 Steak £181 Return
  12. Leicester @ 5/4Match BettingOpen Cardiff @ 2/1Match BettingOpen Man City @ 3/4Match BettingOpen Tranmere @ 21/10Match BettingOpen Cheltenham @ 12/5Match BettingOpen Celtic @ 11/20Match BettingOpen Crystal Palace @ 6/5 Stake: £5.00Potential Returns: £2122.78 and Both teams to Score Accumulator: West Ham v Southampton Swansea v Wigan Fulham v Aston Villa Birmingham v Leicester Watford v Peterborough Bournemouth v Tranmere Walsall v Crewe Aldershot v Rotherham Gillingham v Burton St Johnstone v Kilmarnock Cowdenbeath v Raith Rovers Stake: £10.00Potential Returns: £2793.09
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